Everything you will ever struggle with in law school, answered.

Being a law student is not easy. It is an amazing opportunity, but it is also highly stressful and there is always the horrifying possibility that you are wasting your time and fighting the wrong battles, and consequently not taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. This book will guide you to succeed not only as a law student, but also as a lawyer, no matter which college you go to, how good or terrible your faculty is, and whether or not you have a supportive environment around you. We will teach you to create a powerful environment for yourself that will make failure impossible. This book is not only great for non-NLU law students, it is of great value to every law student in the world.

In this book you will learn how to..

Emulate the positive environment of NLUs for yourself
How to avoid stress and depression in law school
How to build up your brand within law school as well as outside
How to ace your internships
How to find a mentor
How to develop a personality that will take you places
How to scientifically enhance your intelligence so that law school gets easier to deal with
How to prepare yourself for killing it in your first job
How to create a personal vision that inspires you and kill procrastination
How to write articles and use that skill for building your professional network

What you will learn with this eBook

week 1
Assess your situation, strengths and weaknesses. Understand the challenge ahead. Understand and begin to develop the mindset that you will need to succeed as a lawyer.
week 2
Find your niche. Clear your schedule to focus on your real growth rather than mundane tasks that make you go around in circles. Develop a deeper understanding of the obstacles so that you are not thrown off guard after you begin the work.
week 3
Learn how to create a powerful, conducive environment around you that push you towards success with certainty. Work on developing a personality that complements your career goals.
week 4
Identify the skills you are going to develop in order to succeed in law school and in the life after that. Scientifically enhance your intelligence by taking small but easy actions that change your environment for the good.
week 5
Create a vision and learn how to reinforce it until your vision becomes one with you and every cell in your body resonates with one desire and one mission. Build your vision board that helps you to develop your goals and keep it in existence powerfully no matter what situations you are facing in life.
week 6
Begin to build your professional network. Put in place excellent habits that enables you to create powerful relationships and nurture them over the years. Learn how to write articles and publish in good platforms that helps you to build a brand.
week 7
Build a system that helps you to relentlessly upgrade your skills and knowledge. This is a critical step for standing out amongst your peers which opens new opportunities for you.
week 8
How to deal with the people in your environment in order to make the best of your law school experience from a long term perspective. Develop advanced networking skills and practices.
week 9
Set yourself up for success as a law student. Identify critical events ahead and prepare for them strategically. Put in place systems and processes that keep you in good stead rather than at mercy of chance.

Reader testimonials

This guide explores and answers all questions often asked by students at law schools very well. The depth with which the solutions are offered is stimulating. I am sure that this would make a brilliant (and insightful) read for any law student- be it from an NLU or a non-NLU.

Shruti Khanijow
HNLU, Cambridge, currently Senior Associate at CAM

Ramanuj presents us with an incisive analysis on the institutional dynamics within NLUs and Non-NLUs, and how they present hidden opportunities for students in both environments to capitalise on. I found some of the ways he hustled through law school especially striking, especially, the bit about networking with startups back in 2011. He also acutely captures his own struggles through law school in an authentic, conversational tone which keep the reader engaged, and reminds us that law school and law is also about shaping bright and talented knowledge-workers, something that most law firms forget all too often.

Vinitha Johnson
2011 NLU Jodhpur grad, LLM from World Institute of Trade, former international trade lawyer and UN analyst, currently founder of Unidade Association Management

I've seen Ramanuj write well enough to convince me that blogging could land you a job. If this book doesn't make you believe in something as crazy (and true) as that, I'm not sure what will.

Mohona Thakur
2016 ILS Pune grad, Associate, Trilegal

I myself studying at a top NLU (NUJS) can totally relate to this book. The book presents bitter truth and the sad reality and figures and what is behind these self-acclaimed islands of excellence and there is the burden of baggage that top NLUs carry. It is indeed no surprise for us that a person outside the realm of so-called NLUs can do better than NLU grads. This book provides useful foresight and step by step guide to achieve whatever you have missed by not being in NLUs.

Shubham Chowdhury
2nd year, WBNUJS Kolkata

This book has provided great strategies which are really helpful and it very clearly provides the message that graduating from NLUs is not the end all and be all and what really matters is the determination and work that one is willing to put in for their career.

Adarsh Singh Thakur
3rd year, Indore Institute of Law

As a Non-NLU student, I always have this at the back of my mind that somehow I get less opportunities to prove myself. The book clearly undermines that thought to prove that the NLU tag is a mere myth and any dedicated law student stands equal chance in the legal world, as long as one has compulsively worked on one's skills and personality and made him/herself stand out. Great work. Worth a read.

Wardah Beg
2nd year, Aligarh Muslim University

A non-NLU student gets to hear about National Law universities all the time in their college life. Our minds are filled with the ideas that NLU students are better than us, we should look upto them, we should do what they do from the first year itself. This book has definitely changed the way i look at NLU Students. It has given a good insight as to how a non-NLU student can do better than NLU students, and that the tag of NLU takes you only so far. At the end of the day what matters is how much time and energy you have invested in acquiring the skills that the profession demands.

Aakash M. Nair
4th year, Delhi Metropolitan Education, GGSIP University