The COVID-19 crisis is being deemed the worst crisis since World War II.

The world has come to a standstill.

Another global financial crisis is lurking around the corner.

Businesses going bankrupt.

Job losses in millions.

Amidst this chaos, where does the legal community stand?

Are there any hidden opportunities in the middle of this doom and gloom?

In this book, Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO of LawSikho, writes about the unprecedented challenges and opportunities posed to lawyers and legal professionals, by this “once in a century” crisis.

A little spoiler: the ones who know how to tackle this crisis are going to take their career to next level in the next few months.

Extraordinary problems bring in their wake extraordinary opportunities for lawyers.

Even for law students.

Why is that?

Because traditional systems are disrupted - from hiring, intern selection to even finding a lawyer - everyone is learning to do it differently.

Many lawyers are caught unprepared, and they are unable to act. New strategies are needed, new methods are to be devised, and new systems are to be implemented. Adapting to so much change at once is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Those who act decisively and with a clear strategy that responds to the need of the time stand to gain an absence of competition, while the rest of the world will wait for things to return to the way it used to be. And many things will never go back to the way they used to be.

Even negotiating a contract or deciding whether to go to court over a dispute will not be the same in the next one or two years, and many aspects of law practice will stand altered forever.

Collaborative lawyering is on the rise, adversarial lawyering is facing a setback.

Some areas of work have been surging while others are taking a back seat. It is a developing situation and you need to plan your career ahead with a lot of care.

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What will I learn from this book?

This eBook will help you by revealing the plethora of opportunities lying ahead for lawyers and legal professionals who are smart and flexible enough to adapt to today’s environment and grab those opportunities as they emerge.

Want to know where the hottest opportunities lie during this crisis?

Want to know what skills or knowledge you need to gain to make use of them?

Want to know how to not only survive but also THRIVE during this crisis?

Starting from what the best online marketing and branding strategies (that does not fall foul of BCI rules) for legal practitioners are to one particular industry that would require a lot of contract drafting and negotiation during this critical period…

From how we are defending ourselves against coronavirus and rocking the work-from-home concept, to how some companies around the world are using innovation to skyrocket their revenue…

This book brings to you what no other legal publication did so far—provide actionable and timely ideas you can apply right away to take your business to the next level, corona or not.

Here’s my suggestion: download this free book right now and read it from cover to cover, a couple of times.

We guarantee you this is not some rehashed information uploaded from the internet. What you will find inside this book is PURE GOLD!

If you want to know the future of the legal industry during and post COVID-19 crisis, this is a must-read for you.

A sneak peek into the secret content of this exclusive masterpiece:

  • How alarming is the potential economic meltdown facing us, globally and in India?
  • How long will this lockdown last? (If no vaccine is released soon)
  • How best to utilize these lockdown days for the betterment of your brand as a lawyer and your career?
  • What legal skills are an absolute must to learn to take advantage of COVID crisis?
  • Which legal niches are going to be the biggest moneymakers today?
  • Which law firms are going to see a lot of activity during this period?
  • What are the top upcoming trends that will reshape the legal industry forever?
  • What are the top 3 priorities when chalking out your business development strategy?
  • Why India is laughing while China is crying at the moment?
  • What opportunities have been created by lower input costs?
  • Do litigation lawyers need a business development strategy?
  • And many more.

This exclusive book, which could generate super valuable opportunities for you, is available 100% Free of Cost!

It was a product idea to start with – can we give lawyers a quick manual to deal with COVID-19 crisis?

We could charge at least around Rs 2,000 for this huge 120+ pages long COVID-19 treasure chest, and most of our regular subscribers would have happily paid.

But we decided to give it away to the LawSikho community.


We want it to be accessible to the whole community, as a gift from the whole team of LawSikho. Thus, we keep our unwavering commitment to stand by you always, no matter what.

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