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What’s inside?

Compliance: checklists and formats

All the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual compliances you need to do. All in one place, along with all the formats and templates you will need.

Organizational policies: use over 20 readymade templates

There are policies that are mandated by law, and there are others that are good for your organizational health. Pick and choose the ones most relevant for your organization, customize with our guidance and implement.

Disciplinary actions: end-to-end

All the templates and resources you need to successfully manage disciplinary actions, avoid being on the wrong side of the law, and maintain necessary paperwork to avoid and prevail in employment disputes. Learn about dismissals, termination, retrenchment and suspensions and how to cover the legal angle.

Employment agreements

Get access to all the high quality templates you need - from blue collar workers to C suite executives. Learn how to draft and negotiate these contracts. Also learn how to deploy secondment contracts, consultant agreements, contract labour agreements and other specialised contracts.

Laws and regulations explained

If you ever did an MBA in HR, you probably had a tough time studying labour laws. Not any more. Understand each of the important statutes by referring to a simple list of bullet points that covers all the concepts you need to remember. No jargon, no complexity, no list of unnecessary case laws. You will feel that labour law is really easy after going through this book.

Some selected chapters you would want to read

Page 15

Statewise Shops and Establishment Act compliances

Page 34

Accidents in workplace, employer’s liability and legal issues

Page 83

How to handle confidentiality and intellectual property concerns

Page 21

A checklist for Factories Act compliances

Page 10

How to handle legal issues during hiring process and employment contracts

Page 62

Notice of enquiry, show cause notice and notice for termination

Page 104

How to draft a conflict of interest policy

Page 134

How to draft a workplace dating or a sexual harassment policy

Page 88

How to negotiate terms and agreement with consultants

Page 37

Challenges you will face with respect to The Employees Provident Fund Act and Scheme and how to handle them

Who are we

This book and all the resources herein have been put together by LawSikho.com, India’s largest and most respected online legal education platform. Our mission is to simplify legal knowledge and make it accessible to each and every person in the world. We were involved in launching India’s first online labour law course for HR managers, as well as sexual harassment expert training courses. We have worked with large companies like Samsung, Microsoft, ITC, Agrocorp, JCB, Feedback Infrastructure etc to train their HR managers and employees on legal issues. This book is a result of our over 10 years of experience of working with HR managers and leaders on legal issues.

Those who already tried it

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I must congratulate Ramanuj and the team for putting forth this comprehensive book that covers all HR operations under one umbrella. If you are someone who is new to HR this is your reference book. I have always believed that if one needs to excel in professional life then basics must be very strong and this book has it all. From laws to letters, it is like a ready reckoner. I am happy to have had the opportunity to review the draft and provide my inputs. Enjoy the reading and implementation wherever applicable.

Averyl D'sa Saldanha
Head - COE HR Transformation & HR BP for HR in Alliance India
Alliance Renault Nissan Mitsubishi

The Legal Handbook for HR Managers is an essential reference not just for managers for all those who are engaged in the HR function. It gives an easy to access bird's eye view of the bevy of regulations that an organization needs to comply with. What I like best is its simple and solution-oriented approach and the inclusion of all requisite templates.

Debadideb Datta
Director - Finance & Operations (India)
Institute for Sustainable Communities

It is quite interesting that you have covered almost all the aspects of HR functions.
Starting from hiring process, compliance, handling the accidents, various legal acts pertaining to the HR function, resignation / termination and day to day operations / challenges are explained very well. I strongly recommend this book to all the HR managers of organisations. This book is definitely going to be a single point of reference for any clarifications. All the best.

Muthukumar Rajaram
Founder & CEO
Xernes Technologies, Bangalore.

I think this is one of the best book to refer whenever you need advice or need an HR query to be answered.

Praveen Devadiga
HR Manager
Kinlong Hardware (India) Private Limited

I am really impressed with the detailed information on each topic. It certainly helps any level of HR Professional to draft HR policies in their organization as well to gain knowledge on subject.

Ambrish Siddhpura
HR Consultant
A&A Business Consultant Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

This book provides a well-rounded summary of these complicated Human Resources without being boring or simply factual.


I am impressed.
The book written by you will bring drastic change in handling Human Resource efficiently. I wish to keep this as my reference book in my library & work along in my career ahead.

Rajendra Nadiga N.K
Head-operations/ Sr.Consultant
Netbytes PVT LTD. Bangalore

I found it very easy to read and understand. It has a complete life-cycle covered for HR, right from entry to exit.
The best HR professionals can balance being a friendly presence in the office with taking control and helping things run smoothly.
This Handbook enabled us making informed recruitment and hiring decisions, as well as a context for company guidelines and policies.
One of the most important characteristics of this HR Handbook I found is the ability to get organized, which includes strong time management skills and the ability to complete task efficiently.

Ritesh Nandanwar
HR Officer
RCN JobSearch

The role of HR manager must be parallel with the needs of developing and changing organization,from my point of view an HR professional must be,
* a strategic partner
* an employee supporter or advocate and
* a change mentor
to inculcate these roles we should have clear cut knowledge relating to the entire aspects of HR functions.
So, "This is the knowledge base; A Legal Hand Book for HR Managers"
Just go with it !!!

Bisi Joy
HR Manager
Karakas Technologies PVT.LTD.

It is an amazing work of Mr. Ramanuj and team and a nicely articulated, comprehensive and covering each and every aspects of legal framework a HR practitioner has to go through during his day to day responsibility.
With my legal qualification and 25 + year long experience in HRM, I am sure that not only HR managers but legal practitioners and HRM students will also benefit with this book.

Ajay Prakash Sharma
VP Business HR - Talific Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon
Ex- Head HR & ER - RPG Group , Coca- Cola India, JK organisation and Surya Roshni Ltd.

Comprehensive HR guide, all the HR professional should have copy. Nicely written with simple to follow instructions.
Great job done by Shri Ramanuj Mukherjee. Well done !!!

Ganesh Kumar Ramanathan
Business Head-B2C & B2B
Meru Mobility Tech Private Limited

You have done lot of hardwork to get all the things compiled at one place.
This is like a bible book or HR encyclopedia for all the HR Leaders.
I will definitely recommend my other friends and colleagues to go through this book.

Prathibha Tungala
Assistant Manager HR Operations
Reliance Retail Ltd

Legal Handbook is very helpful to deal with day to day task of HR, It’s a kind of problem solver handbook all details in one place.

HR Manager
IMAST Operations Pvt Ltd

The book is very useful and gives a detailed insights as well as is a very good informative guide for the subject. I appreciate your committed and dedicated efforts for this much required handbook that will act as a ready reference for all subject related matters.

Daniel Fernandes

I liked so much your book HR Handbook because it's cover whole thing regarding the HR needs and it's very helpful to all HR's and also for who's become to be a HR.

Gopal Kothiya
Founder & CEO
Citysine Community Pvt.Ltd.

I really appreciate your effort in jotting down and touching almost every sensitive subject in the field of HR and Compliance. Being a HR in a company when I look back my journey as I started off, I feel this hand book gives hopeful knowledge to a new entrant in the industry when he/she lacks the proper guidance.

Methods Automotive Pvt Ltd

I must say that the initiative is highly appreciated, which is focused on rendering sound and practical advice to the readers. You have taken the pain to point out several provisions and instances which HR managers of most of the corporate houses, generally miss and I believe that your work will surely benefit a lot of people within the industry as well.

Chaitanya Rajvanshi
Senior Associate at S Rajvanshi and Associates

The good thing about this book is all informations are available (at a glance) preciesly at one plateform.
I know , their is no limits to add contents in a length but the way it is compiled preciesly, is really appreciatable.

Deepak Pokharna
General Manager-Human Resources
Dhabriya Polywood Ltd.

This handbook covers the entire HR ecosystem from legal and compliance perspectives. The comprehensive coverage of statutory provisions, as also the policy templates embedded in the handbook, are expedient for handholding HR Managers to navigate through legal issues surrounding the HR landscape. I must congratulate the team of LawSikho.com and iPleaders for their inexorable efforts in leading yet another initiative that will bring about changes to the lives of HR professionals working across various sectors. I will, personally, fall back on this handbook for going about my day to day endeavours.

Nipun Bhatia
Vice President, Strategic Management & Process Redesigning
Legal League Consulting, India’s First Management Consultants to Global Legal Industry