We recently conducted a nationwide survey on one of the most burning questions faced by a lawyer looking to break into corporate law -

"Is CS + LLB required or helpful for In-house Legal Jobs?"

Survey participants

Group General Counsels, General Counsels, VPs-Legal and Legal Heads

And many more.

Number of participants: 109, from some of the biggest organizations across India

What did we ask them?

In this survey, we have asked the following questions and their responses have been very enlightening.

  • How many lawyers have been hired in the last 1 year? (Both full-time and part-time)
  • How many of them are qualified CS?
  • How many of them have cleared the executive level of CS but did not proceed further?
  • Under what circumstances do you prefer a lawyer with a CS qualification over a lawyer without such qualification?
  • Do lawyers with CS qualification make better general counsels?

Curious to know...

  • Why does a percentage of participants said they prefer CS with LLB?
  • What kind of organizations prefer to hire CS + LLB and what kind of organizations don’t care about a CS qualification?
  • What kind of organizations actively avoid hiring CS + LLB professionals?
  • And what are the organizations where CS + LLB is a sought after qualification?
  • If you are not a qualified CS professional but pursued it till the executive level, would that help?
  • Would you like to know the answers to the same?

If you are a CS + LLB or considering doing CS as a lawyer, you must read this report to know the truth.

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