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How can you up your game as a practicing CA or a CMA?

Accountancy faces stiff competition with increasing passing rates in CA/CMA exams and smaller companies using CS, Cost Accountants and even B.Com. Graduates for compliance and maintaining accounts instead of paying a premium to CAs/CMAs.

This forces young CAs/CMAs to specialize rather than just doing vanilla work.

As I started to research for this book, I called up a few CAs/CMAs to get their take on what's relevant, what more they would like to know about and the likes.

I was blown away by the fact that when I put forth my queries about specific laws, say CSR or FDI they could recite the exact corresponding articles and subsections from the Companies Act of 2013.

We will tell you about building your thriving practices in non-conventional areas in this book that will definitely get you going for your career as a CA/CMA!

Ramanuj Mukherjee

CEO, LawSikho

In this book, you’ll learn about these areas of practices-

Government Tenders
Due Diligence
Information Technology Laws
Intellectual Property
Corporate Governance
Special Economic Zone Laws
Corporate Social Responsibility
Foreign Direct Investment
External Commercial Borrowings
Mergers and Acquisitions
Import/Export Laws
FinTech Laws
Foreign Contribution Regulation Acts

And a lot more. Let the rest be a mystery until you get your hands on the actual book!