Fair Criticism Policy


Who this policy applies to

It is clarified that this Fair Criticism policy shall be deemed to be a part of the “Terms and Conditions” of LawSikho courses by reference, and it applies to anyone who has enrolled in LawSikho courses or paid booking fees. 
This policy applies even after completion or discontinuation of the course or students who have claimed a refund. 
LawSikho shall also observe this policy with respect to third parties and outsiders who have not taken up any of LawSikho’s courses.
This policy is being published to clarify our stance on fair and constructive criticism and feedback publicly. 

Our policy on fair criticism

We value constructive, fair criticism and feedback from our users, third parties and outsiders. We also want to hear their opinions and what they expect from us, so that we can help them achieve their ambitions. 
Suggestions received from our customers are very important and acting fast on them has been the backbone of our growth. We welcome such suggestions.
Users are encouraged to send us such criticism, feedback or opinions on our internal support channels and groups for relevant courses. 
If their concerns are not resolved, there is an internal escalation matrix provided to students at the time of enrolment. 
Third parties and outsiders may send us feedback by reaching out personally to Ramanuj Mukherjee or Abhyuday Agarwal by email, LinkedIn or Twitter.  
We understand that from time to time, such feedback may also be published online or offline. 
Where such feedback, criticism or opinion that is published by a user, a third party or outsider is not factually true,  or based on assumptions or rumours, not indicative of a person’s individual opinion, and is maligning, defamatory, or otherwise lowers the reputation of LawSikho, LawSikho shall have the right to initiate appropriate legal action and seek remedies. 

What is fair criticism or your opinion and what is not


For example, stating ways in which we can improve, or how our services did not meet your needs, or an expectation you had when you took up our course, will fall within the realm of fair criticism or and personal opinion. You may also disagree with the principles that we have. This falls within the realm of fair criticism or freely voicing your opinion.  

However, making blanket or wild allegations about our services without actually experiencing the same, making false assertions about our courses or their quality is not fair criticism because it is untrue and falsely harms the reputation and goodwill of LawSikho.   Please note that any defamatory, untruthful, false and fabricated publications harming the goodwill and reputation is a punishable offence and such persons and incidents will be dealt with strictly as per the applicable laws without any exceptions. 


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