Diploma Programme


  • This course has helped me to get an awareness about the commercial intent of the parties while entering into an agreement. The way and manner in which one should visualise the circumstances while defending its client from both sides. Like Representation & Warranties clause helped me understand the ways in which a possibility of risk related to the transaction can be mitigated. Law Students in their final year who wish to get practical exposure of agreements in different industries. Also, professionals in other departments working closely with the legal teams in their respective organisations will find it as an eye opener. 

Vatsal Dhar (Legal Professional) | Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution



  • This is a very insightful course. It has been a guide to me, especially the forum discussions and the interactions during the live sessions enabled me to connect with lawyers in the city and helped me understand many procedural ambiguities. I will recommend this course to entrepreneurs and law students along with working professionals of any field. All that it needs is a dedicated hour to enhance your knowledge.

Priyanka Prasad | Associate in Luthra & Luthra Law Offices | Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution



  • Having a varied professional life, from different fields, I have realized how diversely beneficial this course is. I was able to relate to business transfer, sale and share purchase agreements. My company at a point dealt with share purchase agreements. If I had taken up this course before, it would have helped me understand all about it and how to use my knowledge practically. This course helped me understand what metrics to follow when faced with such a situation. I will recommend this course to anyone crossing their mid-level in their careers from any field who is trying to understand the nuances in the higher management. Anyone keen on learning about M&A must go for this, it will definitely add an edge to your knowledge.

Nikhil Dash | Sr Manager, Logos Property Group with 15 years of overall work experience | Diploma in Cyber Law, FinTech Regulations and Technology Contracts



  • I have been working form last 7 years but the practical aspect in LawSikho course is what makes a difference, whatever we are learning here will be used practically if we work in any law firm or any such area irrespective of any specialisation these learnings will be helpful everywhere. Regarding loan agreement, Due diligence part which I learnt here I am using as I am working in bank and in loan department, these have been very helpful. Though I was doing all these earlier but now I have more clarity. Any person who is interested in legal field, banking and finance though they are not involved in drafting but when it comes to them for vetting and while scrutinising documents will be helpful, every law student and entrepreneurs should do as they will be the one who will be negotiating, getting more investment they can use the knowledge.

Kaushal Mathpal | Legal Officer, Federal bank, with 7 years of experience | Diploma in M&A, Institutional Finance and Investment Laws (PE and VC transactions)



  • The classes are very interactive and the expert faculty pays personal attention to every student as she addresses all queries. Understanding the nuances and functioning of the industry helps us draft the rights and obligations and especially the representations and warranties better in the agreement. I find the exercises interesting and also challenging sometimes.

Anubha Dhulia | Practising Lawyer (IPR) | Diploma in Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Laws



  • This course at LawSikho triggers learning in two ways i.e. it pushes one to start asking the basic questions as to why a company structure is actually needed and also to work on sound topics like the unlisted companies and its mandatory dematerialisation of shares. This course allows the students to use the MCA website to get the relevant information. The course provides with practical insights like what are the clauses that are crucial and important in a shareholding agreement and many such concepts. It is only when I do weekly exercises, I carefully go through various clauses/sections of the Act and its commentaries making me aware of many aspects of Company Law which, otherwise, I would not have become aware of.

Amarnath Simha | Practicing lawyer in Bengaluru and working in the field of Civil Litigation for the past 17 years. | Diploma in Companies Act, Corporate Governance and SEBI Regulations



  • I have taken up this LawSikho course with a purpose. I see myself as a person who sits on boards of various companies in future. I have learnt a lot about related parties, foreign companies, winding-up of companies, loans and deposits from directors. The most crucial learning during the course was from a lecture by Komal Mam (Faculty) when we discussed ELECTRONIC PRESENCE OF A COMPANY AND ITS COROLLARY EFFECT ON DEFINITION OF A FOREIGN COMPANY. That was indeed an eye-opener for me. Another important concept I learnt is the possibility to take loans from an employee of the company. I was able to guide a friend while he was trying to raise loan in his company through one of their directors. The knowledge that I gained while writing an article on unsecured loans from directors to companies helped me in providing effective advice to my friend. Weekly exercises also create a pattern of effective learning.

Ravi Karan Kakkar | Chief Representative, HKS (Parent Company) | Diploma in Companies Act, Corporate Governance and SEBI Regulations



  • The team has actually made the concepts of the course simple to understand and apply them in reality. I am not from professional legal background but I can easily understand the concepts. I actually have a small startup which is currently at its inception stage. Skills pertaining to how to draft NDA and lease agreements, that I have acquired here, have already been applied in real work. Every person who wants to learn and understand the basic concepts of business law should do this course. It will be very useful for those who want to start their own firms from any background.

Roshan Karthik | EarthFokus, Co-Founder Environment & Sustainability | Diploma Entrepreneurship Administration Business Laws



  • Crafting an agreement or a clause of agreement in a proper manner is an art, which I am yet to excel but I believe this course has somewhere or the other given me the right direction towards excellence. Everyone can benefit from such learning starting from law students to professionals. A law student can imbibe the right application of law by doing weekly exercises even before entering the professional world which will give him/her an upper edge when he/she enters the professional world. The professional(s) such as I, always wanted to know more about company law and business laws but traditional college courses do not teach you the practical aspect of laws. So, fresher working professionals can also benefit from this course as it would help them in learning the basics.

Tushar Mudgil | Law Researcher, Delhi State Legal Services Authority | Diploma Entrepreneurship Administration Business Laws



  • Although I had completed my MBA, yet the sections and the actual rules and regulations were unknown to me. Doing a course with LawSikho, I now know all about it and how to implement my learnings in my career. The rules relating to employees, interns and fixed employee was very beneficial to me as my company was hiring at that moment. This course is helpful to anyone from any organization, due to the practical learning and exposure that you get here which is missing from our regular college education. We have to be eager and want to make a difference in our careers in order to do this course, as you will be motivated to think differently and never settle for less.

Snigdha Chitransh | Assistant Manager- Human Capital at Essel Propack Limited | Diploma in Industrial and Labour Laws



Executive Certificate Course (Live Classes)


  • The desire to know my weaknesses that are faced in filling, drafting and every other procedural aspects of law, the need to be aware with criminal as much as I am with civil law got me attracted to this course, the fact that every assignment is given individual feedback and your mistakes are pointed out, has helped me perform better every time. With the knowledge gained from this course, I was able to draft a bail petition for one of my clients, this got me a lot of trust and respect in the eyes of my senior assosiates and my clients. I am unlike any junior associate who is always burdened with just clerical small time court appearances, I am delegated with drafting work for my office after my knowledge and practicality in drafting was noticed by my seniors. I can proudly say this course has given me an edge over others.

Abishek Rajmohan | Associate at D-Law Associates, Bengaluru | Certificate Course in Advanced Criminal Litigation & Trial Advocacy




  • The course provided me with immense practical knowledge of criminal law and increased my drafting skills. I am able to draft all criminal litigation documents with ease and confidence. I am satisfied with course contents and the live sessions which had elaborate explanation of different concepts. This course will be really beneficial to lawyers and even people from other backgroud.

Vaibhav Vikram Singh | Lawyer, Supreme Court of India | Certificate Course in Advanced Criminal Litigation & Trial Advocacy



  • I have always wanted to deal with commercial property matters and this course helped me in a big way. I am a panelled lawyer of a bank. They always demand non-encumbrance certificate after searching property from a panelled lawyer. Since, through this course my understandings and practical implementations of legal knowledge have increased significantly, I can successfully serve my clients.


Tuhin Chatterjee |  Advocate | Certificate Course in Real Estate Laws



  • The practical aspects are taught in course, ins and outs that is covered, I found a very practical approach in learning here because so far law pleadings are concerned we need not make mention of legal pleading is concerned because legal position is always argued at the final argument as such. I was invited to give a guest lecture for constitutional law. I had an opportunity to argue on the construction of Article 21(308). That was a major interesting event in my life as I learned that concept here in depth. I feel LawSikho should reach all law colleges in India, the theoretical approach which is taught in colleges basically there is a lot of difference is reality. So far as the practical approach is concerned in LawSikho courses it should go viral.

Pradeep Lokhande | Partner, Law firm | Certificate Course in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code



  • This course has taught me the importance of drafting a comprehensive and clear arbitration clause. I now make sure that I use all the good practices to draft the arbitration clause which I hitherto did not bother much especially because many people do not take the clause seriously. I have used these principles in a couple of franchise agreements I drafted since taking this course. A special mention about the tutor ( Shalvi), she’s been very instrumental in evincing interest in the subject. I enjoyed her style of teaching especially her emphasis on cementing the fundamentals. She skillfully integrates the concepts from academia with her experience from the industry and that to my mind is the best value for time and money invested. The feedback on every assignment performed by you is the key to learning here, we are almost spoon fed, and never felt left alone with their assignments. Anyone who enjoys learning and those looking for new career avenues will benefit from the courses at LawSikho. These kinds of courses give you a realistic insight into the domain especially from the perspective of an experienced professional.

Preetham Kumar | Lawyer and business consultant | Certificate Course in Arbitration: Strategy, Procedure and Drafting



  • The Chapter on Notice of Arbitration in the course was in perfect time since at my workplace contemplating to send the notice for commencement of Arbitration in the wake of some disputes with my client. So I could use all the knowledge imparted in the relevant lecture and the course material, to prepare appropriate correspondences. Presently, I also use many of the learnings from the course to advise my management on other arbitration matters. People are busy with their jobs/lives/liabilities, however, some also have a deep yearning to strengthen their skills/knowledge and often find themselves resigning to the fact that maybe they might not be able to do so. Such courses are of great benefit. Only by sparing a few hours a day every week, one can acquire good skill sets which are beneficial in their careers/lives. A deep yearning to acquire a very good understanding of Arbitration Act, its procedures, its practical implications, its interactions /imbroglios /departures with other Laws of the country/ internationally and applying it during the course of my career was the impetus that drives me to complete the exercises. This also helps me have a taste of practical aspects of the laws. A special thanks to the LawSikho faculty (Shalvi Madam) for providing with very deep insights into the practical aspects during the duration of the course and honest feedback for the assignments that are submitted, which motivated me to do better, always.

Shreeresh Ravindran | Working Professional | Certificate Course in Arbitration: Strategy, Procedure and Drafting



  • I am from lawyer’s family. We have been practicing law for a long time, but the learning which I had here is quite different. The course gives you confidence, teaches you lots of things which even practising lawyers miss while they doing their day to day work. Materials and templates are quite helpful. I have been doing all assignments as they are designed in such a way that they will be useful when we do such things practically in our career. I am really happy to take this course. It has created a difference in my work as well.

Mahesh Dhannawat | lawyer, Jalna District and Session Court, Ex- Vice President, Jalna District Bar Association | Certificate Course in Advanced Civil Litigation: Practice, Procedure and Drafting



  • I practice civil litigation from past 3 years, though practically, every day new things we used to learn, but for first time I filed an IA on O 7 Rule 11 all by myself and argued for almost 1.40 min, reply to the defendant was also given back on the same day by second half .. got the case dismissed.. it was amazing.. my learning at LawSikho had given more confidence and clarity and learning how to interpret in different ways. In mid of my working schedule I take out time to do assignments which had really made a difference in my learning.

Hema Reddy | HS Advocates, Advocate, 2years | Certificate Course in Advanced Civil Litigation: Practice, Procedure and Drafting



  • The learning helped me in boosting my confidence that even I can also draft the plaint well. Recently I drafted a consumer complaint by myself. It would be my clients who will benefit from it substantially because they will hire services of an advocate who will be having an advantage of this course. But please note, that this course does not guarantee success, unless you do hard work in the right direction. It would also be inappropriate if I do not give credit to my mentor Harsh Jain. He is excellent.

Varun Garg | Advocate | Certificate Course in Advanced Civil Litigation: Practice, Procedure and Drafting



Certificate Programme


  • Doing the course forced me to think beyond my saturation level. For instance while preparing assignment of M&A transaction and drafting clauses of scheme of arrangement. I went through several rounds of discussion with my team manager who himself is seasoned CS and my Senior legal Head. Further I had to consult various books as well to draft my assignment which in the end gave me a lot of satisfaction in terms of knowledge earned. Professionals who are in Law and CS practice can benefit from the learning of this course. A wide range of topics are covered in this course like M&A, Related Party Transactions e.t.c which will help them in their job.

Abhishek Chouhan | Senior Specialist - Corporate Governance | Certificate Programme in Companies Act

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