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How can you earn 1 lakh per month as a young lawyer? Is it an impossible dream?

Is it too crazy to start your own practice early in your career or to dream of building your own law firm?

The question haunted me for many years. In 2012 April, as I sat atop a ledge of very posh The Address in Dubai, quite drunk, and watched Trilegal lawyers party with Allen & Overy partners, I wondered what it would take if I wanted to start my own law firm and succeed.

If not as big as Trilegal, could I start a law firm that earned at least 1 crore a year? Is that too big a dream?

I have so far built 3 organizations that blasted past that milestone, in less than a year in the last 2 attempts.

I am convinced that a dedicated and focussed lawyer, even if very young and just into the practice, can earn 1 lakh and more. I have seen many of my students, friends, and colleagues reach that target. In jobs, as well as through independent practice. How?

Does that question bewilder you?

It should not anymore. We will provide you a step by step guide to do just that. 1 lakh is too small a number, I will encourage you to think bigger.

This is not just a guide to earn money, it is much more than that.

Welcome to A Manual for A Flying Start, a manifesto for new age lawyers who do not want to be constrained by age-old limiting beliefs, unfair treatment by those who want to exploit the new generation of lawyers and dominance of rent-seeking seniors.

The world is changing, let us play to our strength. Let’s leverage technology and the new economy to upset the old order in the legal industry, not only in interest of the younger generation of lawyers but to make justice truly accessible in India by breaking the barriers set up by vested interests that want justice to be an elusive commodity.

Power and privilege cannot be the only access to justice. A new brigade of lawyers is on the rise in India, who are challenging the status quo, introducing new business models, using technology to trump the advantage of already established legal service providers, discovering gaps in the legal market that were hitherto unaddressed, and even innovating in order to turn the tide.

What is happening right now in the legal industry in terms of disruption and innovation is truly awe-inspiring. It is not evident to those who are not familiar with these trends, who do not know where to look, or those who are too blinded by tradition to even consider that such things are possible. However, those of us who have spent a decade at the wheels of legal startups, it is evident that a new dawn is already upon us.

Nothing will be the same in the next 10 years.

Transformation is already afoot, being shaped by irresistible forces of the market demand, economy, and technology.

At the same time, there is a large number of young lawyers who are disconnected from this massive transformation. They are at the mercy of colleges that continue to impart an education that was perhaps relevant two decades earlier. Even the vaunted National Law Universities are failing to prepare their students to meet the demands of the legal market.

And that is the void the young lawyers today are desperately seeking to fill. And that is why we took the trouble of writing a 400+ pages book and give it away.

We dedicate it to the dreamers, the disruptors and the rebels of the legal industry. The younger generation that is ready to overrun the mantle of justice to make law and justice accessible to all, we dedicate our efforts that spanned a good part of the year.

WB Yeats said “Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.”

Here is my request - do not read this book lightly, because you are reading something in which I have put in my heart and soul in every page.

Ramanuj Mukherjee

CEO, LawSikho

In this book you will learn how to..

Emulate the positive environment of NLUs for yourself
Why it is important to set bigger and scarier goals
Any innate belief that stops you from building the practice of your dreams: Page
How to find the mentors who guide you and back you in your journey: Page
How to get other people to promote your practice for free
How to break the cycle of exploitation faced by young lawyers
Why you need to stop relying on will power and build systems instead
How most lawyers sabotage their own practice and how you can avoid it
How to fight crippling anxiety as you set out to build your legal empire
How to battle elitism as you work on making a name in the profession
How to avoid unavoidable stagnation in your legal career
How to beat market slowdown and thrive in the recession years
Why you need to more authentic about your practice and not just impress people
Why continuous self-development is critical for lawyers
How to manage your time effectively as a lawyer
Why you want to spend money to buy your time back if you want to grow big

And lot more. Let the rest be a mystery until you get your hands on the actual book!