Who is going to certify the Diploma? What is the value of the Diploma on the CV?

None of our courses are recognised, accredited, or validated by any university, government or third party. We consider government regulatory standards as impediment to offering high quality courses we offer at an affordable cost, and hence offer informal, non recognised courses rather than collaborating with formal universities. 

This course is offered as a skill development course by a private company. LawSikho is India’s leading online legal education provider and provides high quality legal courses that teaches you how to do practical legal work as required by the industry. 

For any recruiter or client, what matters the most is whether you possess the relevant skills to match their needs and serve their interests. We will train your in rare and important skills that are highly in-demand and our initiative is one of a kind. 

Experts review the syllabus and course content for all the courses. These experts are drawn from law firms and the industry at large. The course is conceptualised, co-ordinated and marketed by LawSikho, a venture that aims to make justice accessible to people from all walks of life through access to superior legal knowledge.

The legal industry knows and respects our work, and they know that anyone who finished our course and obtained certification has a certain level of knowledge and skills. If nothing else, you will be appreciated for the knowledge and skills you would acquire through our courses and would be able to demonstrate after due completion.

Who can enrol for the Diploma Courses?

We recommend that you should have completed your higher secondary / Class 12 from a recognized board / University. In case of foreign nationals, you should have completed the equivalent of Higher Secondary in India in your respective country. You should also be comfortable with English language and using a computer. However, we have no formal pre-qualification requirements because we are not a university or college. Anyone who wants to learn are welcome to join our courses.

Are hard copy study materials provided for reference or are there only online classes?

Students of LawSikho Diplomas will be provided hard copy materials within 30 days of your course commencement date.  

However, online classes, videos, regulatory updates and periodic upgrades to the courses cannot be included in the hard copies. We will provide you with hard copy material for all important chapters. We keep adding many new chapters from time to time and there are restrictions on page numbers so all online material cannot be available in hard copy. We would keep adding new material online from time to time, so please do not expect all such material to be made available in hard copy also. You can use the hard copy materials for your reference, however, we recommend that you do not exclusively rely on hard copies for cracking the assessment test and the exercises. Please refer to the online library of materials from time to time.

Note: Hardcopy material is sent through Indian Speed Post (As more places are serviceable by post than courier), If your area is not serviceable and if you want to get hardcopy by courier send us a specific request, If this is not done and speed post bounces back then we need to levy the courier charge on you.

Are international students also sent hardcopy material?

If an international student require hardcopy material, they need to share their correct address and we will let them know the cost of courier which they need to pay and then the hardcopy will be dispatched. This is the process because the cost of international courier is very high compared to domestic courier within India (for domestic courier we have no additional charges). Some international students provide us with an Indian address for couriering hard copy material. In those cases, we charge nothing extra for courier.


How do I figure out if the Diploma course covers a specific topic I want to learn about?

A person can visit lawsikho.com and find the relevant course and see the course syllabus, learning objectives and even list of weekly exercises. You can also subscribe for free sample material. If more clarification about the course is needed, feel free to chat with our online chat specialist. You could also call us on our landline number, i.e. 011- 40845203 for further assistance.

How can I get access to a demo class?

We do not offer any demo classes. You will not be able to understand the quality of the course by attending a single class as the results we produce is done through a combination of many things - study material, assignments, personal feedback on assignments, and then finally class. The only way to experience the course is to take the course for a month, risk free, as we give no questions asked refund between the 30th and 45th day provided you attend all classes and solve all the assignments. Here is a link to our refund policy

We are proud that in the last 12 months, only 2 people asked for refunds despite such a generous refund policy. This is because once you take the course, you realise that the course content and the learning is far more valuable than a few thousand rupees, and the money you earn from the knowledge or skills you learn in the course is many many times more than what you invest in the course.

Are there any minimum attendance requirements?

There are no minimum attendance requirements, as the course shall be taught online through a learning management system which allows you to pursue the course at your own pace and convenience.

Online Weekly Classrooms will be conducted for 40 minutes to an hour - Attendance is recommended. Feedbacks by our experts on your assignments submitted, is the goal of our sessions. Submitting a minimum of 50 exercises (40 exercises + 10 Writing assignments) is mandatory to pass the course. You would have 1 MCQ test for all Diploma courses which gets live in the 3rd month of course and is available till 13th month of batch commencement date i.e for 10 months time period, a student can attempt the test anytime in those 10 months but in one sitting of 2 hours.

Are there going to be classroom sessions?

Yes, in all our premium courses, there are live weekly classroom sessions. Apart from one session that is related to your course, sometimes you will be invited to attend extra free sessions on writing, networking or other relevant skills. However, the course is conducted through an online learning management system, which enables students to access study materials from anywhere in the world at their own time and convenience. Course materials will be accessible on the online learning management system which can be assessed on laptop/desktop and you can also access course on your phone by downloading the LawSikho app. Some course materials may be uploaded around the time of your class about the relevant issue.   Apart from this, you will have access to significant hard copy material as well.

  • Live sessions on exercises shared will be conducted online on a weekly basis. Once or twice a month, you will also have a session on writing effective articles and networking skills. In total, students will have 5-6 live sessions every month. At times there could be extra sessions that are absolutely optional to attend.
  • Weekly online sessions will include feedback by our experts on the previous week’s exercise and explanation of new concepts related to upcoming exercises.
What if I cannot attend the classroom sessions?

Attendance for sessions is not mandatory, but crucial for learning to perform exercises which add value. Students who miss the session can watch the recorded versions of the sessions conducted on the learning management system (LMS) and the assignment portal (anything that is easier for you, it is uploaded on both platforms). Recorded session will be added on LMS within three working days.

It is highly recommended that you complete weekly exercises. 80 exercises would be allocated in total out of which submitting a minimum of 40 exercises is mandatory. We will also allocate 10 writing assignments/articles submitting all the 10 articles is mandatory.

All study materials which includes text, videos, drafting exercises, templates and regular tests will be available only on the LMS and can be accessed using your login id for the LMS. The course can also be accessed through state of the art mobile Apps, which makes learning convenient and accessible on a real-time basis.

Can we take the tests at our convenience or are they going to be available only at a specific time on a particular day? What happens if I cannot take the tests at a specific time because of exams, internships or other commitments?

As candidates will be enrolling from across India and Abroad, the schedule of every candidate is likely to differ. To accommodate that, the test will be available on the online portal for a substantial period of time so that you can take them at your convenience. Everyone will be given sufficient opportunity to take these tests.

For Diploma courses, test get live in students account in the 3rd month of their batch starting date and is available till 13th month of batch starting date, so that people can attempt the test as per their convenience but in one sitting of 2 hours.

How are online MCQ test executed? Can I give the monthly tests and the final exam at home? Or do I need to go to an online centre?

The online MCQ is executed on the learning management system. You do not have to go to any special centers to take any test or exam. Test can be attempted by logging on to the online learning management system from your home or anywhere you wish. We recommend that you use a computer while giving these tests, as mobile phones are unreliable for giving tests.

How do I make a payment for any of the courses?

Payment for the course may be made using any of the following medium:

  • Online payment through Razorpay - Credit card, Debit Card, Netbanking, Amex 
  • International students via Razorpay or Paypal
  • NEFT/ RTGS (online through your bank account) or offline 

For further details on how to make payments, please visit our enrolment page or call on 011- 40845203  for assistance.

Are there any financing or EMI options for payment of the course fees?

If you have a credit card with one of the following banks, you can pay using an EMI option. 

  1. ICICI Bank
  2. Axis Bank
  3. Standard Chartered Bank
  4. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  5. HDFC Bank
  6. Yes Bank
  7. Indusland bank
  8. RBL Bank
Can the course fee be paid in installments?

A student can pay online before completion of 2 month or can send a cheque of INR 15,000/- in favor of “Addictive Learning Technology Pvt Ltd” within seven days from their enrollment and date of payment will be exactly two months from the batch commencement date.

Would live classes start from module 1?

Please do not expect us to teach you like college courses. Those are not effective. Our focus is on giving you a realistic experience of doing legal work. Hence you will get different exercises and assignments every week, and all relevant material to solve them. Please do not worry that you have not read other associated concepts. We are recreating the experience of working in a law firm or in-house legal department, and we found that this is the kind of training that works best. Live classes will relate to the week’s assignments. You can read the modules from module 1, but we advise you to follow the courses according to where the assignments take you. By end of the year, you would have covered all the syllabus, and retain everything.

If it feels complicated and challenging midway, do not worry. The course is designed like this. You just need to stick to it, hold on for dear life and ride along as you ride a roller coaster. It is our responsibility that by the end you are satisfied and get all the results that you were promised. If you are not, you can hold us responsible. But please, please trust the course design and stick to it until the course gets over.

Are there any discounts available?

No, There are no discounts available. We do not believe in discounts, and never give one. Prices have only increased over time and not decreased.

How is the course administered?
  • The course starts on the commencement date for your batch. You would get access to all the study materials on the online learning management system which can be viewed on your computer or your mobile phone (Android & iOS). The study materials cannot be downloaded or printed.
  • You will be provided access to hard copy materials for reference within 30 (thirty) days. Videos and periodic updates cannot be provided in hard copy, hence hard copy materials are not recommended for a study to attempt exams. To stay updated with the latest developments, we strongly recommend that you study from online materials.  
  • Every week, you will be given exercises to perform, which will be discussed in a live online classroom. You will need to perform a minimum of 50 exercises to complete the course successfully.
  • The courses will have one MCQ test, which will be available on the Learning Management System that can be accessed on your Laptop or Desktop.
  • You can attempt these tests anytime as per your convenience during specified time provided, only from your Laptop/Desktop and not from your mobile phones.
What is the passing criteria?

The passing criteria for any course is 40% of the total marks and completion of at least 50 weekly exercises (40 exercises + 10 writing articles)

What if a person fails to pass the course?

The MCQ test can be attempted only once. If you fail, you can attempt a re-examination on request once again without any extra payment and you can re-submit any of the 50 exercises (40 exercises + 10 writing articles) again with a deduction of 3 marks. For exercises which you have already submitted, and you do not wish to re-attempt, your marks will remain the same. We will give you an additional ten exercises to attempt so that you can increase your chances of completing the course successfully. It will also enhance your learning.

Doubts/ discussion forum

If you have any doubts or academic questions relating to the content, feel free to write on the discussion forum of the Lawsikho platform itself. Our concerned experts will respond to you within 24 to 48 hours. You can also write your queries to [email protected] our concerned executives will support you to get your queries resolved within 24 hours on working day.


Whatsapp group

Students will be added to the WhatsApp group on the batch commencement date. They can start having discussions with their batchmates and get updates regarding sessions and other details on WhatsApp group.

Classes and class timings

We ensure that class timings enable a maximum number of students to participate and take out time from work or college, while at the same time they are feasible for experts.

Classes will be of 40 minutes to 1-hour duration and will be held in any of the following time slots:

  • Weekdays: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm IST
  • Saturdays: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm IST
  • Sundays: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm IST

You will be informed of the class timings for the relevant week at least 48 hours before the class via email notifications and whatsapp messages. We will ensure we have a fixed timing for this class, for you to schedule your day well in advance according to it as far as possible.

Recordings of class sessions will be made available on the online learning management system for accessing within 48 hours of session conducted.   

Diploma Despatch

Those who complete the Diploma successfully  [(i.e. receive a minimum of 40% marks in all the assessments taken cumulatively and successfully solves at least 50%of all exercises) i.e - 40 exercises + 10 writing articles] will be awarded a degree certificate. Your Diploma certificate will reach you within 30 (thirty) days of course completion. 

How is the course taught? Are the classes recorded? Is a person required to attend the classes online at a specific time, on a particular day? If so, what if a person is not able to participate in an online class on the specified date?

The course is designed keeping in mind that practising lawyers, entrepreneurs, working professionals and students will be taking up the course, hence the entire course will be taught online through materials uploaded on our learning management system allowing you to pursue the course at your time convenience. You can access missed classes through recordings as well.


I am likely to have a busy schedule this year, because of academics, co-curricular activities or enrollment in other courses like the CS course. Will this course be very demanding or time-consuming?

The course is designed keeping in mind the schedule of practising lawyers, working professionals, entrepreneurs and full-time students. The learnings are well spread out over a long period of time. There would be a specific learning objective every week, accompanied by two assignments. It takes about 8-10 hours of time for a person of average intelligence to complete all required activities of the course every week. You need to take this course one week at a time. 

We do not guarantee that you could pass the course without putting in reasonable effort or attention but the exact amount of time that you would need to dedicate would depend on your ability to grasp the material.

Is it possible for a person who doesn't know the law to study on his own with the material given?

Yes, knowledge of the law is not a prerequisite to deriving value from the course. It is possible that what you learn in this course is entirely independent of any other course you have probably pursued or are pursuing. The course is designed keeping in mind that there will be many non-lawyers taking up this course. Only knowledge we assume is what one would expect to know after completing higher secondary school. All modules are reviewed from the perspective of a high school graduate and ensured that they are very easy to understand. To understand the course, you only require knowledge of English language and basic computer skills. 


Is there a placement or internship assistance for candidates who enroll in the course?

There is an active placement assistance program available to students, which includes CV-writing, career guidance and sharing of relevant job and internship opportunities. Job and internship opportunities will be shared with students on WhatsApp group from time to time. Students who complete the exercises and perform well in exercises and classes, can be recommended to law firms, lawyers chambers and companies for jobs and internships. However, we do not guarantee any jobs or internships.

We have also started a career clinic for the benefit of the students, students can visit our office in Delhi or can seek career-related insights over phone or video chat on pre-designated days. More than 2000 positions have been shared with our students till date and hundreds have got placements and internships through us. Our students have been placed in various law firms and other organisations, as full-time employees and have obtained multiple opportunities for internships under the programme. How many opportunities you get will depend on your efforts in the course, and if you do the course well, you will be able to find jobs on your own as well. 

We will also provide you a career development course free of cost if you need. Just ask our customer support if and when you need it, after you have participated in at least 3 months of classes.

We also help you to enhance your CV by writing and publishing articles, and give you networking exercises and coaching, so that you can build your own professional network. Building your own professional network can make amazing opportunities available to you that you cannot even imagine today.

What is unique about Lawsikho courses? Why should I not take up any other online law course provided by other websites or a University, especially if it is significantly cheaper?
  • How the courses are created and its philosophy - we are aiming to create extraordinary lawyers, and have the support of the legal industry in doing so. You will find no other course which is as practical, provides as much personal attention to every student, or as many opportunities. 
  • Syllabus, coverage and approach to issues -  we do not spoon feed you, but make you experience what you will experience when you are going to work at top law firms or big in-house legal departments. You will be prepared for the best and the worst. You will learn to deal with any legal issues, even the ones we didn’t teach you about, because that is how our course is designed.
  • Live Exercises - Pilots are put on simulators to practice flying before they are given an actual aircraft to fly. That is how our courses work as well. Even before you start dealing with real life cases and matters, we train you on how to do such work through simulation exercises. This experience is invaluable for ambitious lawyers. Think of our courses like an online gym or a martial arts dojo for learning legal skills that will make you amazingly successful. 
  • Personalized support - you can ask questions in the learning management system, can interact with us on whatsapp groups and even call us when you are struggling. We are here to work with you to make you succeed.
  • Placement assistance - Do you know any other course where you get this level of placement assistance? Law firms and companies love to hire our students because it is very hard to find such highly trained talent. Ask our graduate students! Also, we make you write articles, publish and you end up enhancing your CV and networking with a lot of people. This provides you with next level opportunities in your career.
  • Doubt-clearing weekly exercises - Doubts are cleared on a weekly basis. If you can’t wait, post your doubts inside the module itself, our experts reply within one working day.
What will be the grading system?

Grading system: Students will be graded according to the following grading system:

Grade Marks
F (Fail) < 240
C+ 241 to 360
B+ 361 to 480
A+ 481 to 600


What if I want to migrate from one course to another?

Migration from one course to another is possible, but student should reach and email the support team within 10 days from the enrollment date. Any requests after 10 days will not be accepted.

What if I want to migrate from one batch to another batch?

Yes, you can migrate from one batch to another after paying a migration fee of INR 2000/- (or as per the prescribed fee pertaining at the time of migration), and the difference in the course fee between the admitted batch and transferee batch, if any. If migrated, the work or assignments submitted earlier by you will not be considered.

What if I am unable to complete the course in time?

A student is given a total time of 14 months from his batch commencement date to submit the minimum number of required assignments, if they fail to do so, they can submit their pending assignments after the 14th month with a extension fee of Rs 2000/- They will get 4 months grace period to submit their pending assignments after paying the late fee. For those wanting to submit the assignments after 15 months from their course commencement date, will not be allowed to pay late fees, they will have to migrate to the future batch within 3 years from the enrollment date after paying the migration fee and following the rules of migration.

Do you conduct exams after completing the course?

Exams are conducted during the course duration only, not after the completion of course.

Is this course recognized by any third party or Govt Authority?

LawSikho courses are offered by a private company as a solution to learn practical skills. There is no recognition, no accreditation and no affiliation from government or any University or any third party.


What if I don't perform the weekly exercises?

Weekly exercises are very important to learn the practical aspects for which you joined the course. You get sufficient time to complete those. In case you can’t complete within due date you get an extension to complete them with deduction of few marks. But if at least 50% of weekly exercises (40 exercises + 10 writing assignments) are not completed you will not get a certificate of course and the value for which you joined the course either.

Does the certificate have marks or grade mentioned

Certificate mentions the Grade on it.  If a student wants to know their scores they can write to [email protected] and get that.

Is there any written exam at the end of the course?

Yes, You will have to attempt just one MCQ test at the end of the course.

What if we submit all assignments but miss the MCQ?

Completing assignments and MCQ test is mandatory to clear the course. If that is not done you won’t get the certificate of the course.

If the course is not recognised how is it useful?

There are many certified courses in the market, including LLB which is a qualifying criteria for becoming a lawyer. The problem is that even after doing them, people do not have requisite advanced level practical skills needed to succeed. You can learn these things from our courses. Our students who are already working earn over 1 lakh rupees per month in an average. That should give you an idea about what is so beneficial about our courses!

What is online live class?

These are video conference based classes that you can attend from mobile, tablet and personal computer through an application. You can see the teacher and the teacher can see you. You can even share your screen with the teacher for comments if the teacher requests and the teacher can show you his or her screen. You can see other people attending the class also. There is usually a lot of discussions amongst the students and teachers in the class. It is very much like a live classroom except that you do not have to travel to access the class, you can access it on the go as long as you have internet and a device.

Can I get personal guidance in working on assignments which I find difficult?

We will point you out the relevant reading material as well as templates and precedences you need to solve an assignment. You can also freely discuss with other students in the course WhatsApp group. You can post queries in the learning management system as well while working on assignments. During the live sessions you can ask questions to expert and get your issue resolved. Sometimes it may be possible to schedule a call with evaluators and discuss with them but this is at the discretion of the evaluator and at a time of his or her convenience. We cannot handle unlimited calls with every small question, you have to respect the time and availability of the evaluators also. For that you already have the learning management system as well as WhatsApp group where you can post an unlimited number of doubts.

How is our training methodology unique and industry proven? Is it endorsed by the legal industry in India or abroad?

Our training methodology is unique. While it is not endorsed by any outside authority, the success of our students speaks for itself. Our methodology is described in detail in the previous questions. The legal industry loves to hire our students who have gone through the entire training we have provided. Major companies have been hiring us to train their legal teams and managerial executives with cutting edge legal courses. This is the proof of our success.

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