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  • Are you a lawyer interested in tapping into the opportunities created by India's new Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023?
  • Do you want to know about the opportunity where demand is high and supply is currently low and it can be a game changer in your career as a lawyer?
  • Do you want to be an early adopter of the DPDP Act, setting yourself on a trajectory towards an impactful and rewarding legal career & guiding businesses and startups with compliance?
  • Are you considering a career as a privacy counsel, data protection officer, or chief privacy officer?
  • Are you ready to explore how the DPDP Act can be your stepping stone to not just legal success, but also playing a pivotal role in safeguarding digital privacy?
  • Do you want to know about international opportunities that are not currently available to you but might be a game changer in your career and allow you to work anywhere in the world?
  • Do you want to acquire the right practical legal skills to make your way into a massive upcoming market?
  • Do you dream of joining the ranks of global tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, or Tencent as a specialised data privacy lawyer?
  • Do you want to help startups in Silicon Valley solve important tech-related challenges to grow internationally?
  • Do you aspire to work for organisations focussing on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies of the future? Do you want to know which skills will set you apart?

We have something very exciting for you!

Register for our FREE & Online (LIVE only) bootcamp and we will show you an opportunity that never existed before

  • After years of anticipation, India's very first privacy legislation, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 (DPDP Act), has arrived, unveiling a golden opportunity for thousands of lawyers to specialise in this burgeoning field.

In India, the digital population reached close to 700 million active internet users with 467 million social media users creating mammoth digital data. As a result, India has emerged as the second-largest Internet market.

  • To minimise the risk and damage from misuse of data, governments across the world have created laws, regulations and frameworks to protect the data of consumers, employees, organisations and users, and to ensure the privacy of individuals globally.

According to Gartner, by 2023, 65 percent of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.

  • The penalty for not complying with such regulation runs in millions. Non-compliance with privacy regulations may also lead to a complete ban from conducting business in that jurisdiction.
  • As a result, organisations need to establish a robust team of lawyers skilled in data protection and privacy law.
  • This means an urgent demand for legal professionals who can navigate the complex waters of compliance and ensure organisations meet regulatory requirements.

Where does this opportunity exist for you?

  • In-demand roles in legal and compliance - Join dynamic in-house legal, compliance, policy, or privacy teams in law firms in roles such as privacy associates, privacy leads, Chief Privacy Officers, or Data Protection Officers (DPOs).
  • Navigate the multijurisdictional data protection landscape - Become the go-to expert for multijurisdictional data protection and privacy work. Excel at navigating complex data protection laws across diverse jurisdictions, putting your specialised skills in high demand globally.
  • Corporate demand for expertise - MNCs with dedicated privacy and data protection departments actively look to hire lawyers who have a greater understanding of multi-jurisdictional data protection laws. Your expertise will be an asset to these global giants.
  • Help startups in expansion - Startups venturing into multiple countries often encounter global data protection regulations. With your guidance, they can achieve compliance without the need for large compliance teams, opening doors to new opportunities.
  • Assist tech law firms worldwide - Small and medium-sized tech law firms seek to augment their capacities by cost-effectively outsourcing remote paralegal work. Your skills can be instrumental in helping these firms build a strong foundation.
  • Guide small businesses toward compliance - Small businesses across the world are in search of expert guidance to ensure compliance with data protection laws for their websites and agreements. Your insights can empower them to navigate these complexities.
  • Build your own practice in this highly demanded area of data protection and privacy and serve Indian and international clients.
  • Freelance gigs - If you do not want to become a full-fledged privacy professional, but instead want to use this knowledge to earn extra money & work as a freelancer for global startups this field opens a flood of opportunities for you

The question is - Do you want to be a part of this transformative trend and position yourself as the go-to expert in this domain?

All you have to do is register for our FREE, LIVE, ONLINE bootcamp on New Opportunities in Data Protection and Privacy Laws for Indian Lawyers to embark on a transformative journey.

It will be your ticket to a future-rich legal career. Embrace it. Master it. Be a trailblazer in the data protection domain.

Who should attend this bootcamp?

  • Lawyers who want to build a career in data protection and privacy laws
  • Lawyers with 10+ years of experience who want to transition into ‘business roles’ and leadership roles
  • Litigators who want to move to in-house counsel positions - data protection and privacy work is extremely crucial for securing positions in fast-growing tech companies
  • In-house counsels who want to develop a specialised skill set to secure promotions or opt for more high-paying positions in BigTech companies, international startups and companies operating in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, e-commerce, fintech, agritech, insurtech and other sub-sectors.
  • Young lawyers who want to shift from traditional areas of legal practice to technology laws and work with fast-growing startups, law firms or the privacy teams of companies
  • In-house counsels who want to assist their organisations in addressing data protection and privacy work at a global level
  • Lawyers who want to provide unique and high-value services to their clients, especially related to technology law
  • Anyone interested in building a career in technology law, working in the technology or privacy practice of law firms or the data protection and privacy teams of companies

How talent arbitrage is opening new doors for lawyers

  • In the West, regulations like GDPR, one of the widely popular privacy regulations, came into force in 2018, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the second most popular privacy regulation came shortly after GDPR and created a surge of opportunities for professionals specialising in privacy laws. Now, this wave has reached Indian shores.
  • As an Indian lawyer, you're not confined to domestic data protection work alone - you have the unique advantage of talent arbitrage, opening doors to global markets.
  • 137 out of 194 countries had put in place legislation to secure the protection of data and privacy and now India joins the league.
  • Multinational companies are scratching their head trying to align their processes to comply with different regulations.
  • They are rapidly hiring lawyers who can ensure that the privacy policies of their companies are compliant with the regulations of multiple jurisdictions and yet don’t impose limitations in conducting business in multiple countries.
  • In addition to that, the global pandemic has led to a technology boom like never before, leading to a boost in e-commerce and several other related industries.
  • This has created a massive demand for data protection lawyers worldwide as from business to governance, everything is forced to go online.
  • There is an increasing need to adhere to data protection systems of multiple jurisdictions for global startups, tech companies and MNCs.
  • There is also research, drafting and compliance work that can be delegated to international remote workers. This has created a unique opportunity for lawyers specialising in data protection laws to do remote freelance work or full-time work for advanced economies.
  • Do you want to find out how you can cash in on this trend by serving clients in advanced economies like the US, UK and Europe? Are you ready to fast-track your career growth and ride the global wave of opportunities not only in the domestic market but also internationally, all within the ever-evolving field of data protection law?

Register for our FREE & Online (LIVE only) bootcamp on ‘New Opportunities in Data Protection and Privacy Laws for Indian Lawyers’ on September 23-25, 2023, 7.00-10.00 PM IST daily.

  • We have helped several professionals become data protection and privacy managers, as well as get better jobs, promotions, and opportunities based on their privacy expertise.
  • Many of them have even built law firms, privacy practices, and independent consulting companies around their expertise in the data protection domain.

Take a look at our immensely successful learners:

Success Stories

  • Our learner Anurag Sushant worked in a domestic insurance company as an in-house counsel in 2021. Anurag was a young lawyer who wanted to earn more and grow faster and was looking for high-growth areas.
  • He chose data protection and privacy management after attending one of our bootcamps, realising the massive opportunities in this practice area.
  • In just 1.5 years, he was able to increase his income by about 5x compared to his first job and ended up moving to Dubai, where he currently lives and works for KPMG Lower Gulf as a Senior Associate in Data Privacy.
  • Note, nothing that he had done in college was connected with data protection or privacy. But he quit his job to focus full-time on studying the course and started applying for new opportunities in this domain.
  • He acquired a few certifications with the guidance of our team and also received support while trying to learn the international aspects of his new practice area.
  • Since data protection and privacy management is a thoroughly high-demand and low-supply area, it helped Anurag get many opportunities.
  • Within a year, he secured three job opportunities, including two with Big Four firms. He was selected for an interview with a recruiter in Melbourne, Australia.
  • His first data protection and privacy job was with Deloitte in India, where he worked for about a year.
  • In his own words, “The Big Four firms are heavily investing in recruiting professionals who are trained in data protection and privacy management. I am very happy to recommend LawSikho if you are looking to become an international professional in the data protection and privacy domain, as their course helped me a great deal to get where I have reached today.”
  • Shreya Jain, practised litigation for 1.5 years after her graduation. Subsequently, she got married, and as the pandemic disrupted court proceedings, she took a break for approximately two years.
  • When she resumed, her lack of fluency in the local language made it hard for her to work in the local courts. Besides, she also had to manage her family commitments.
  • That is when she attended our bootcamp conducted at the end of 2021 on data protection and privacy management and bought our course.
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  • As she says, “No prior technical knowledge of the field is required. I was a complete beginner and started from scratch with the assistance of LawSikho. Nothing that I had done in college was connected with data protection or privacy.”
  • Through the course, however, she was able to learn several key tasks that are performed in this practice area and gained practical insights. She was also performing assignments regularly and was in the top three of her batch.
  • Moreover, LawSikho taught her how to reach out to international clients and pitch for work, and prepared her for interviews.
  • Our team encouraged her to start posting content around data protection and privacy management on social media, based on what she was learning from the course, so she could build her online presence and a track record.
  • Soon Shreya received an invite from a headhunter on LinkedIn to interview for a remote job with a company based in Gibraltar, UK, who wanted a CIPP-qualified candidate.
  • Thanks to the guidance and help from her mentors, she had also qualified for the CIPP exam by then, and she was asked to share her resume in March 2023.
  • She sailed through the interview, courtesy of our assistance with mock interviews, and has been working with the UK-based company for a few months now. Her current remuneration is approximately INR 14 lakh per annum, including incentives.
  • Among her tasks are policy preparation, preparing SOPs, privacy training, consultations and other kinds of data protection and privacy-related services.
  • Pratik Harsh is a 2018 law graduate who embarked on his LawSikho journey in 2022 and has achieved remarkable results.
  • Today, his clientele ranges from Bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and Bhumi Pednekar to a Dubai-based firm to the Jharkhand government!
  • He recognised the need to enhance his skills and broaden his professional horizons, and thanks to LawSikho's comprehensive training and the knowledge acquired through our courses, he began proactive outreach efforts on platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn, and direct client engagement.
  • The result was exponential growth, earning Pratik an impressive INR 90 lakh through various consultancy projects.
  • His dedication and expertise attracted a diverse client base, with over 150 clients from countries like the US, Canada, Australia, China, Israel, and more.
  • Notably, he has developed strong relationships with several clients in Canada and is engaged in 50-55 ongoing projects as an advisor, generating a revenue of INR 8-10 lakh. He has worked with Cormorant Engineering Pvt Ltd which is a service facilitator for Yokogawa and HDFC, working on their GDPR and Privacy policy, handling HSA work made more than 78 tech policies, it took 9 months to complete this work.
  • The project value was around 25 lakhs.
  • He has established three offices in different locations, specialising in areas such as media and entertainment in Mumbai, corporate law and data privacy in Delhi, and overall legal services in Ranchi.
  • He has received an attractive offer from Ernst & Young (EY) for their Delhi NCR office and is actively involved in assisting a Dubai-based firm in setting up a data privacy vertical in Dubai, expanding his global footprint.
  • He was also engaged by the Jharkhand government on a data privacy compliance project, valued at INR 42 lakh.
  • Moreover, his career path has led him to a senior role in Business Affairs at Condé Nast, Mumbai, where he earns an impressive annual salary of INR 26 lakh.
  • He is also actively exploring opportunities in Dubai, having received job offers from Dubai-based startups. Pratik's current focus is on securing a position with a larger organisation, as he is currently in the interview phase for positions offering a lucrative monthly salary of approximately AED 50,000 (INR 11.25 lakh).
  • Achintya Goyal, a 2019 graduate of Savitribai Phule Pune University, joined our course in December 2021.
  • Initially, Achintya focused on building his knowledge of technology laws and data privacy and protection through the courses.
  • He recognised the importance of networking and leveraged LinkedIn to connect with professionals in his field.
  • As a result, he started receiving freelance projects that allowed him to establish a track record, even at low charges. This practical experience became invaluable as he progressed further.
  • To further upgrade his practical skills, Achintya began working with startups.
  • This hands-on experience provided him with real-world insights and strengthened his understanding of corporate and technology laws.
  • He secured a job at ATMS Advisors LLP as a Senior Associate where he got the opportunity to draft website policies such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Shipping Policy, and Refund Policies for clients further expanding his expertise earning INR 8 lakhs p.a.
  • He recently secured a job offer from Yash Technologies, in Indore He will be working as an Assistant Manager, specialising in data protection and privacy, giving advice on GDPR and CGPA.
  • This opportunity not only aligns with his area of interest but also comes with an impressive package of 12 LPA (lakhs per annum), in Indore.

Learners who got jobs in Big Four and MNCs

  • Chetandeep S. Batra, a 2020 LLM graduate of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, joined our course in September 2022.
  • Hailing from Ludhiana, he cleared the CIPP (E) exam and within 45 days of clearing the CIPP (E) exam with the guidance of our team - he secured a position as an Associate Consultant at Baker Tilly India Business Advisory and Consulting Services, specialising in Data Privacy & Protection. This role offers a package of 6 LPA plus incentives. He discovered the opportunity on LinkedIn, and our team assisted in the interview process.
  • Although the office is based in Bombay, Chetandeep works remotely from Ludhiana, dedicating 8 hours per day to his responsibilities. Earlier, he was practising as an Advocate before this job and was earning INR 15-17k per month working 9-10 hours a day.
  • Raghav Trehan is a graduate of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and a CS who started his freelancing journey with the assistance of the placement department. He has worked on more privacy and data protection-related projects on Upwork. His total earnings just from Upwork stand at USD 4k+.
  • He has also worked on a privacy project with a Silicon Valley investor + serial entrepreneur on a video game-based learning startup that he had started.
  • He also cleared CIPP-Europe, which was useful for him to establish credibility with clients.
  • He has now secured a job with Mastercard. It took him around 8-10 months.

Learners who got full-time international remote jobs in data protection and privacy domain

  • Arjun Mohandas, a 2020 graduate from Government Law College, Thrissur, currently operates remotely as a data protection manager for Baseel Partners, a boutique consulting firm based in the UK. His role encompasses handling IP and information security matters, with an annual earning of INR 16 lakhs. A remarkable feat for a recent graduate.
  • Trisha Biswas, a 2021 graduate, has an impressive track record. She has worked with a European blockchain startup, WACEO, situated in Brussels, while also engaging with clients across California, Dubai, and Singapore. Remarkably, her earnings on Upwork alone have exceeded USD 30k. Additionally, she holds a part-time remote position with Konvert, a California-based tech company, where she receives USD 50 per hour.

Here is an example of our learner who comes from a non-law background:

  • Kashfun Nazir, a 2021 graduate, transitioned from being a senior security engineer to becoming a Data Protection Officer at Atlan, Singapore. Seeing a privacy gap, he joined our course in May 2022 to learn about data privacy.
  • He was determined to become a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and saw our course as a means to achieve his goal. He actively attended classes, consistently building up his knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Kashfun successfully cleared the Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) certification and on 1st May 2023, he was appointed as a Data Protection Officer at Atlan, an Active Metadata Platform based in Singapore. He has been working in Atlan for 9 months now where he does GDPR audits and all security and privacy work in the company. He will be doing CCPA work shortly.

These are just a few of our thousands of success stories.

Do you want such results?

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Now you can be on every global tech company's wish list for high-value, high-growth roles with great pay!

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  • Register right away and for three evenings, we will provide you with all the information you need, as well as guide you in building your career as a data and privacy professional or show you how you can succeed in your current career by using this expertise.
  • During this bootcamp, you will learn about different types of job roles in the data protection and privacy field and how to explore untapped opportunities.
  • We will also teach you how to build a track record for an international career and fetch clients from big tech startups to escalate your practice worldwide.

Here are some quick steps to get a certificate for the bootcamp

  • Attend every day (at least 2.5 hours each day, and log in from the trackable unique link sent to you by Zoom)
  • Leave a review of your experience (good, bad, ugly) in the comments section of the LinkedIn and Twitter post links (shared during the live session) at the end of each day, for all days. If you do not have an account on any of these channels, please create one right away, it only takes a few minutes
  • Please send a screenshot of your posts and queries about the certificate if any to [email protected] . We will send you a certificate in 10 days

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