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3-Day Bootcamp on Career in International Business Law

100k+ participants across 120 countries have
attended LawSikho’s bootcamps
05-07 February, 6-9 pm (IST)
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The speakers of the bootcamp:

Your favourite hosts with truckloads of sector-specific and coaching experience in their kitty are back!

Ramanuj Mukherjee CEO & CO-Founder,
Abhyuday Agarwal COO & CO-Founder,

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Do you:

  • Want to outshine your competition as a cutting-edge international business lawyer of tomorrow?
  • Want to access work opportunities in Dubai, Canada, US, UK, Singapore or other international locations?
  • Want to work in international law firms and global MNCs?
  • Want to help your country's businesses with global expansion?
  • Want to work remotely as a freelancer for international clients and earn at least 3x more than lawyers in India (or your home country)?
  • Want to assist international clients enter into cross-border transactions?

4 reasons indicating a huge surge in demand for international business lawyers

  • Large companies are establishing business presence abroad to cater to international markets or acquiring foreign companies. These companies rely on Indian lawyers to develop their legal strategy for global expansion.
  • Global startups are flipping their corporate structure to access global capital and markets. They continue to engage their workforce in India, thus benefiting from talent arbitrage. Zoho, Freshworks and InMobi are some examples. This is increasing the requirement for lawyers skilled in international business law.
  • Foreign law firms, companies and startups from developed economies are looking to obtain legal or paralegal assistance remotely, from trained lawyers in India or developing countries who are at least five to ten times more cost-effective for them, and yet very rewarding for the lawyer doing the work.
  • In-house counsels of big global corporations who are working in India or other countries need to know international business laws to work with the global headquarters effectively. This requires knowledge of international business laws.

Who should attend:

  • Young lawyers, independent practitioners, litigators and freelancers who want to perform remote work for start-ups and tech companies in India and abroad
  • Young lawyers who want to work as in-house counsels of fast-growing global startups or multinational companies
  • Law students who want to build a career in business laws, work with international law firms, global startups or move abroad
  • In-house counsels who want to take up more challenging roles in their organisation or shift jobs
  • Litigators who want to serve clients on international business law assignments as well, apart from their practice
  • Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries who want to help their clients enter foreign markets

How can learning international business laws help you in your career?

  • Get remote freelance work from lawyers, law firms, startups in US, Europe or other developing countries
  • Start earning USD 2000 or more per month by working from anywhere as a legal freelancer/ remote professional
  • Strategically plan how you can migrate to US, UK, Canada, Dubai, Singapore and other advanced economies as a lawyer
  • Work from anywhere with increased flexibility, beat the local job market by developing high-demand international legal skills
  • Pre-plan your masters degree in US or Europe effectively so you can get the most out of your time and money spent.
  • We will show you how we have helped hundreds of lawyers from developing countries in Asia and Africa to achieve financial freedom by doing remote legal freelance work for international businesses and lawyers in developed countries
  • Learn how to help fast growing companies to enter into new international markets as a lawyer or compliance expert

Day wise focus:

Your Bootcamp-Schedule is as follows:
Day 1
Saturday, Feb 05, 2022,
6-9 p.m. IST

Career opportunities for business lawyer and why demand for them is increasing exponentially across the world.

Day 2
Sunday, Feb 06, 2022,
6-9 p.m. IST

Step-by-step roadmap to build a career in business laws.

Day 3
Monday Feb 07, 2022,
6-9 p.m. IST

How to grow rapidly in your career as a business lawyer, case studies.

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • What is international business law and how is it different from what I learn in law school in public international law and WTO?
  • Why has knowledge of international business law suddenly become relevant now, in 2022?
  • Can I work in a foreign country if I learn international business laws? Which are the most likely countries I can work in and how can I move there?
  • What are the top 10 legal problems faced by an international business? How can I develop expertise in these areas?
  • What kind of client work can I obtain if I learn international business laws?
  • Don’t I need to be qualified in a foreign jurisdiction to be able to perform legal work related to that country?
  • Is it possible to perform remote work for international clients? How much can I earn? Why will foreign lawyers and clients trust me?
  • I want to work in India and do not wish to go abroad - can I get better access to work opportunities if I learn international business laws?
  • Can I apply for in-house roles in multinational companies by learning international business laws? How much do in-house counsels earn in such companies?
  • How can I increase my chances of recruitment and future career opportunities if I learn international business laws?
  • What is the right time to start if I want to learn international business laws? Will I be giving up on other opportunities in my home country?

What participants have to say about our earlier bootcamps:

A whooping 100k+ participants across 120 countries of the world have attended our bootcamps so far. See what some of them have to say about it:

Today’s Bootcamp was really an eye-opener to learn the enormous opportunities in the area of IPR, especially from the US and other countries to work remotely. Great initiative by LawSikho. Thanks

client image
SR Raja. Under Secretary to Government of India at Ministry of Finance

Hey Ramanuj,
I attended your Bootcamp and reviewed the give-aways based on my own professional experience of 25 years as a CFO ....
Very impressive, I must say ....
Would like to have a 15 min chat, at your convenience ....
Do call / schedule ASAP ...

client image
Jayant Tewari Finance Professional

The bootcamp offered by LAW SIKHO is the treasure I traced during the pandemic last year. I have been attending bootcamps on various topics . They are actually genuine and rare to be found honest people.
In the recent on-going CORPORATE LAW boot camp , Today i learnt
A lot of new things. Few I want to share are precise below:
1) What is a by law And Few Imp. sections of DELAWARE CORPORATION and framing a sale purchase agreement.
2) The pro tip - invest your time learning and working where demand is high and suppy of skill rare.
3) They gave insight upon Doodling opportunities like "Remote working " and "global legal arbitrage".
Thank you!
Looking forward to learn a lot more in consecutive days of bootcamp.

client image
Aishwarya Singh Student at CSJMU

Dear Mr. Ramanuj Mukherjee,
I was there on the first day, it's a great session. We wish we could have such sessions in our early career.
I have resumed my independent law practice in my mid-age after a decade-long stint with the international civil service, and notably eight years with the ILO. My present areas of practice are labour and service laws. There are few multinationals in the list, including the Grameenphone Ltd. whom I am advising, especially labour laws and industrial relations. I am very much focused on these areas and have been well regarded as an expert lawyer in the field.
Mostly inspired by presentations of you and your good colleague Mr. Abhyuday Agarwal today. Devising my ideas for international works. Looking forward to valuable discussions in the next two days. Stay safe and healthy. My best regards.

client image
Uttam Kumar Das, LL.M. (USA), Ph.D., Advocate (Attorney), Supreme Court of Bangladesh
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