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3-Day Bootcamp (LIVE only) on How you can use labour law skills to go from HR manager to business leader

15th - 17th April, 6-9 pm IST

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  • Are you an HR professional who finds it difficult to navigate through complex labour laws? Do you feel the need to understand statutes and regulations yourself in order to effectively coordinate with external labour consultants?
  • Do you want to use advanced legal skill sets to shift to senior positions, newer jobs or to other industries? Do you feel that advanced legal knowledge would enable you to work more effectively?
  • Are you an HR Manager and want to identify ways to take up additional opportunities at work and grow?
  • Do you want to be able to deal with labour inspections, disciplinary proceedings, trade unions and drafting work? Do you want to assist the management in employment and labour-related legal proceedings?
  • LawSikho is bringing a 3-day FREE online bootcamp on How you can use labour law skills to go from HR manager to business leader from 15th - 17th April, 6-9 pm Indian Standard Time.

Why do HR Managers need to worry about the Labour Codes?

  • Most day-to-day tasks for HR managers require legal knowledge and skills, whether it is hiring employees, consultants, senior executives, or contract labour, working with contracts, salary payments, social security benefits, labour compliances, taking disciplinary action, or responding to statutory authorities.
  • In the manufacturing sector, handling industrial disputes, settlements & negotiations with union leaders, factory-related compliances, dealing with accidents, and a host of other situations require legal skills.
  • HR Managers have a key role to play in the success of a business and their mistakes can cost their organizations dearly.
  • You cannot afford to ignore the legal system if you want to move to the senior-most positions of a large Indian or multinational company and perform the most high-value work as an HR consultant. You need to learn labour codes and employment laws.

Who should attend this bootcamp

HR managers who want to oversee legal compliance, work in the manufacturing sector or shift organizations to improve their career prospects

HR consultants who want to expand their practice and advise clients on difficult situations which involve legal implications

Payroll/ compliance executives and young HR executives who want to improve their career prospects

Employment lawyers who want to work in a law firm or establish a practice before the labour tribunals

In-house counsels who want to learn about employment law to handle workforce-related issues more effectively

We have helped more than 8000 learners secure internships, jobs, client opportunities and freelance work during the pandemic. (January, 2022 to December, 2022)

What did the participants say about our last bootcamp

“I would like to thank LawSikho for a workshop about How to Accelerate your HR Career with Drafting and Legal Skills. As a student taking up Bachelor of Science in Office Administration with some subjects related about law this kind of workshop is very helpful to us because it gives information and knowledge of what kind of work we might have in the future, what management skills should we posses when becoming an HR Manager, and what legal skills or process should we do or follow to resolve issues in an organization. ”

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Abigail Brocales, Student of BSc in Office Administration

“Doing a good job. I regularly attend all your bootcamps. It is full of positivity. In fact I was suffering from depression but you helped me up. Anyway, I learnt from today’s bootcamp about how companies work in the USA. I learnt how we can make money working from home as a paralegal, ownership transfer, creating bylaws of a Delaware C Corp and many more.”

client image
Poulomi Nag, Lawyer

“Indeed, it was one of the finest bootcamps I have attended till now. I can assure everyone that the kind of knowledge Abhyuday Sir and Ramanuj Sir are imparting can be very easily understood by any person.”

client image
Uma Tripathi,Practicing Law

“Many thanks to LawSikho, Ramanuj Mukherjee and Abhyuday Agarwal Sir for taking such an amazing bootcamp.“

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Umaid Inda, Lawyer at Bar Council of Rajasthan

“This is my 2nd boot camp with the LawSikho team and I am so glad I got to find this opportunity. I’m very delighted to get into this bootcamp as it discusses career related matters regarding corporate law and lawyer.”

client image
Shifa Haneefa, Legal intern

Learned a lot from this bootcamp. For the past 6 months I was struggling to think how to start my career in legal services. Now at least I have an idea and enthusiasm to learn new skills.

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Reshma Pathan, Sales Executive at

What you will learn in this bootcamp:

  • Which everyday tasks will be influenced by the new Labour Codes?
  • Legal risks for labour violations for organizations, directors and how HR managers can minimise them
  • How to read a Labour Code yourself and compare it with existing law without feeling lost, overwhelmed or confused
  • Powers of Inspectors, Commissioners and other authorities: how to correspond effectively and be prepared for inspections
  • How HR managers can contribute to legal teams when matters escalate to Labour Courts and Tribunals
  • Which laws don’t get replaced by the Labour Codes
  • Changes in hiring-firing rules and disciplinary procedures
  • Impact on salary structures, ESI, PF, gratuity and other social security benefits
  • Downsizing, layoffs, retrenchment and termination - what do HR managers need to know about legal requirements under the Codes?
  • How will working with contractors be impacted by the labour codes?
  • Day-to-day tasks and incident management in factors - how are they going to be different?
  • Trade unions, industrial disputes and collective bargaining - what is going to change?
  • Which major labour laws don’t get replaced and what HR Managers must know about them
  • How to learn more and develop further expertise in this area

Here are brief instructions on what you need to do to obtain a certificate for attending this bootcamp:

  • Attend on all days (at least 2.5 hours each day, and login from trackable unique link sent to you by zoom so we can track your attendance),
  • Leave a review of your experience (whether good, bad or ugly) in comments to the Linkedin and Twitter post links (shared in the live session), at the end of each day, for all days.

    (If you don’t have an account on any of these channels please create it right away. It barely takes a couple of mins. A good social media profile is critical for career success in this decade. Agree or disagree?)
  • Send us a screenshot of your posts to [email protected] We will send you a certificate after 10 days. If you have any question about receiving a certificate, write to [email protected]

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