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Is it harder for female lawyers to succeed in criminal law

I remember that fateful day in a certain government office in the beginning years of my independent practice. I was supposed to secure a crucial approval for a client..  I had waited to meet the relevant officer for an hour and I was really stressed because this was important for the client. I was told …

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What are gateway services and how can independent practitioners use them to onboard new clients faster?

One of the biggest problems that any young lawyer faces while starting up is getting their first client or initial clientele.  For instance, you may get a breakthrough when a client for whom you have done simple trademark registration work, comes back to you for a litigation case and you can successfully defend their claim …

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10 admin and procedural skills to learn to be a successful US paralegal from India

We will continue with our discussions around how to succeed as a freelance paralegal doing work for US clients while being in India. We already talked about global trends in IP law and new opportunities arising for lawyers, Part 1 and Part 2.  Here we talked about 3 kinds of clients with the most amount …


Complexity, risk, thrill, money

“Everybody is trying to explain the situation in their own fashion. And so much has come, that if I read all the news, then I also will get confused as to what all has happened”. That is Harshad Mehta speaking. About the stock market scam of 1992. In his interview here. We’re in 2020, and …