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Pandemic proof career for lawyers

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the world has been catastrophic and it will be years for industries to recover from the disruptions caused by it.  However, the field of privacy and data protection are exceptions to this norm.  As work, school and health care appointments shifted to the digital format, a whole new slate of …

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You can’t achieve success unless you can imagine what success looks like

In today’s session in the bootcamp, we will first help you to imagine what your journey looks like through the entire time of preparation. You cannot make sense of a long journey without milestones. You do not even know if you are going in the right direction. You need to get your milestones clear. We …

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What is the career trajectory of a judge in the lower judiciary

As a law student when you attend a court hearing, more often than not, you are fascinated by the power that the Judge emits.  By the bang of a gavel, the court is silenced.  Disrespecting the Judge can send you behind the prison.  You cannot address the Judge with anything less than pure words of …

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What are the salaries and perks you are entitled to at each stage as a judge

This is a question many judiciary aspirants have.  In addition to the obvious status that judges enjoy in the society in general and the legal community in particular, you must know the kind of financial benefits you are likely to get after putting in those gruelling hours of efforts.  We have compiled some interesting information …