Agreement Drafting Employment agreement Termination

How to draft employment agreements and termination requirements in Singapore 

Let us assume that the startup founder asks you to draft a Singapore-law compliant employment agreement.  How do you begin?  Simple, start with a standard employment agreement which you can use anywhere. Here is a simple template.  Now, you need to add in the local aspects. Singapore employment law is governed by the Singapore Employment …

Careers Drafting

3 different ways to draft a non-compete clause

Let us assume that a startup, say Spotify, is hiring a senior level employee, say, for the role of a Chief Marketing Officer.  What if the CMO of the startup wants to quit and start providing freelance marketing services to other startups, including other music apps? In the education space, coaching institutes may also insert …

Drafting Joint development agreement

How to draft a joint development agreement 

What is a joint development agreement?  Imagine that you have a plot of 500 sq. metre and only 1 floor is developed.  The builder wants to create a 4-storey building and sell 8 flats in this. He will give you 2 flats out of this. This is permitted under municipal bye-laws where you reside.  How …