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Here’s why your next judiciary attempt must be your best…

What are the most common reasons that candidates struggle to crack the judiciary exam in their first attempt?  Do you feel that if you don’t crack it the first time, it’s not much of a problem because you have another chance? What is the real cost of giving a judiciary exam for the second and …

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How to prepare an effective study plan for judiciary preparation : secrets that toppers and coaching classes won’t tell you

I have been working on imparting practical training to young lawyers who want to secure the best law firm jobs, in-house counsel jobs or establish their own practice for the past 8 years. Test prep was a vast expanse of unknown territory. We made a super-successful training program for the All India Bar Exam, but …

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Most common objections that independent practitioners face from their clients and how to handle them

What are the most common objections that a new client has while working with an independent lawyer? How can you deal with such objections effectively, maintain your pricing and secure the client’s mandate? Here are the most common objections of clients received from potential clients, with the implications for your practice, as you hear the …

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How you are sabotaging your practice and why you fail to retain new clients

Over the past few days, I have been writing about how the legal services market has changed in the last 20 years, and 5 unconventional skill-sets that independent practitioners must develop to survive.  Today, I will discuss 5 most common beliefs that are self-sabotaging and prevent us from generating or retaining new clients. #1 – …

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How and when to move from a law firm or an in-house counsel job to independent practice

Most common queries, answered What is the right time to shift to independent practice if I am working in a law firm or as an in-house counsel, or as a junior to a senior litigator? What are the advantages of having worked earlier in a law firm or a company that I can leverage for …

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5 unconventional skills outside LLB syllabus that any independent practitioner or small law firm owner must learn to survive

What are the skills that an independent practitioner must learn?  You are not merely responsible for performing the tasks that your senior delegated to you, or for ensuring that you deliver a great quality of service to the clients of your senior or law firm.  As an independent practitioner, or someone who builds a small …


What has changed in the legal services market over the last 20 years? Learn about the 3 stereotypes that prevent independent practitioners from achieving maximum growth

The decision to start independent practice is a brave one. It is also filled with numerous fears and insecurities.  How will I find my first client? How can I consistently generate new clients? Why will clients trust me?   Is it really possible for me to compete with law firms?  Can I build a highly profitable …

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How to achieve peak performance in judiciary exams: developing your mindset, health and habits for consistency

Are you preparing to crack the judiciary exam? Do you aspire to become a judge?  Have you wondered why some people are able to study effectively for hours, weeks, months and years, retain the information and apply themselves, and therefore crack the country’s toughest competitive exams, sometimes in one-shot, while others struggle for years and …