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Free online 3-day bootcamp on arbitration

Are you interested in making a career in an area of law practice which has huge potential and high growth?

Well, then choosing arbitration as a career option could be a blessing for you.

Here are few facts about why and how arbitration represents a massive opportunity lawyers :

  1. It’s a field that continues to boom, because it is convenient and parties have far more control over the process. As the number of contracts go up due to massive growth in business and commerce, there are more breaches and disputes leading to growth of arbitration.
  2. Arbitration is also growing due to growing economic uncertainty that resulted from the pandemic. People are far more likely to do business based on contracts rather than oral understanding today and far more likely to see legal redressal of disputes. Also, post pandemic informal sectors have begun to formalize, which will lead to a surge of arbitration in the coming ten years.
  3. In case of international deals, parties prefer arbitration in a neutral location than submitting to local courts of counterparty which creates a very big disadvantage in international deals.
  4. Proliferation of online arbitration means it has become even more accessible and convenient than ever.
  5. Arbitration as a practice is intrinsically international, and lawyers from all over the world are fascinated by it and are getting involved in it.
  6. It’s a very lucrative but competitive practice area.
  7. In the year 2020, arbitration requests received by arbitral institutions have increased at a fast clip. This growth is expected to continue.
  8. New arbitral institutions are being set up in India and globally. There are many startups working hard to make dispute resolution seamless, accessible and scalable.This will lead to further growth of this field.
  9. Mediation has emerged as a highly preferred dispute resolution mechanism. Popularity of mediation is definitely encouraging and it is creating new career opportunities.
  10. Pandemic has resulted in a rise in disputes arising from contractual non-payment or non-performance globally, which will keep arbitration lawyers and arbitrators busy through the coming years.
  11. In-house teams of companies increasingly involve disputes lawyers hired to handle disputes, which shows how important it is for businesses. Arbitration expertise is critical for these roles.
  12. Law firms also have been beefing up their commercial disputes teams, and arbitration is a critical focus area if you want to work in commercial litigation.  

Now, do you see the career opportunities available for lawyers who want to work on domestic and international commercial disputes? 

Arbitration has already become the default for commercial litigation. 

If you want to work in litigation or disputes side of law practice, and you do not learn arbitration related skills, if you do not get experience in this area of work, you will be making a huge mistake.

However, a lot of you do not get the right guidance about arbitration as a career.

Where do you start? How do you go about it? What do you need to learn? Do you even have the right aptitude for arbitration?

What would life be like if you become an arbitration lawyer?

Can you become an arbitrator also? What do you have to do for that?

I am sure you have plenty of questions and very few answers as it the case with most young lawyers today.

Let’s change that.

To give you a deep insight into arbitration as a career, and teach you a few practical skills related to arbitration that all lawyers need to learn, we have organised a free, online 3-day boot camp from March 25 to March 27 between 6 pm to 9 pm. 

Speakers will include Ramanuj Mukherjee (CEO & Co-Founder, LawSikho), Abhyuday Agarwal (COO & Co-Founder, LawSikho) and Pradhnya Deshmukh (Senior Associate, LawSikho).

On Day-1 we will cover:

– Why arbitration is the future of commercial disputes & how swiftly it is growing?

– Understanding different career opportunities in arbitration.

– Litigation chambers with arbitration work v. commercial litigation in big law firms & boutique firms.

– Rise of arbitration institutions & emerging opportunities like ODR.

– Specialised arbitration – construction/ engineering, shareholder & JV disputes, banking & finance, maritime/shipping, etc.

On Day-2 we will cover: 

– How to prepare yourself for a career in arbitration?

– Skills you need to learn.

– Possible roadmaps for a career in arbitration.

– How to get freelance remote work from the US & UK?

– How are arbitrators appointed & how can you become one?

On Day-3 we will cover:

– Advanced strategies.

– What are the obstacles you are going to face, and how to overcome them?

– How to strategically use a masters degree for an international career?

– Career as a mediator.

Some of the skills we will cover:

– Drafting arbitration clauses (domestic + international).

– Notice of commencement.

– Understanding various delaying and frustration strategies.

– Challenges faced while execution of arbitration awards.

Isn’t it exciting? Well, then don’t wait for the last moment. Register now by clicking on the link below:  

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