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How can you make a career in IP law

What stops you from building your career as an IP lawyer?

  • Getting the jobs you want? 
  • Getting some clients to kickstart your practice?
  • Getting referral work from other lawyers?

What do clients want to see before they hire you?

What would make judges trust your arguments?

What would make other lawyers reach out to you for your advice?

You need to have a reputation.

If you have handled a lot of similar matters before, it is easier to bag the next client.

When you have a track record, everything becomes a lot easier.

What do people see when they google your name?

What will people say if a potential client tries to inquire about you from them?

You need to build a track record.

What does a great track record look like?

Definitely, a lot of professional success – such as winning many difficult matters, working in large deals, representing the rich and famous

However, nobody has these things at the beginning of their career.

Still, it is possible to build a track record.

What are those things that you can do now?

  • Good publications?
  • Media mentions and appearances?
  • Choosing a small and emerging niche?
  • Many people who owe you for your help?

One of the biggest questions always….

How do I get started?

We are bringing a 3-day bootcamp on How to kickstart your international IP law career today from 14-16 May 2021. 


During this bootcamp you will learn what skills are required to begin your career in the IP law and what steps you can take to start your journey right away!

The bootcamp is FREE, it is ONLINE and it can be attended from anywhere in the world. 

If you have already registered then don’t forget to invite your friends, colleagues or classmates by sharing this link to them –   

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We have also started a YouTube channel on IP law which is updated daily, make sure you subscribe to it:    

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