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How LawSikho can help you prepare for the AoR exam  

We launched the AoR exam preparation course in February 2021. In December, four students attempted the exam and three cleared it. The fourth also cleared three of four subjects, and we are supporting him to clear the fourth in his next attempt. 

We currently have nearly 80 students in our AoR course. Another 160-odd students are working on the roadmap to become successful corporate litigators and will be attempting the AoR exam in the next 3-5 years. 

The best advantage you can give yourself is to start preparing early, because this is a difficult exam. You need to also manage your existing practice and improve your finances alongside your studies. 

Let me give you an example of someone who has achieved such results. 

This is Sandeep Sheregar, a LawSikho alumnus (September 2019) who worked in the finance sector for 22 years before going for an LLB. He earned his degree in 2017 and decided to start his own practice as a litigator in Mumbai. He didn’t have the time to work under a senior. Internships were out of the question. 

He took one of our courses, and after some initial success, enrolled in one of our most premium annual subscription programmes to increase his client conversions. 

It took him six months to get results, but by the second wave of the pandemic, when people were worried and anxious, Sandeep was shifting to a bigger office and had hired a team to manage his work.

Today, he has a team of eight, including a partner, and he has already increased his earnings by 10x compared to pre-pandemic levels.

He is also preparing for the AoR exam with LawSikho so that he can provide better services to clients, and has already worked on a few SC matters.

He made a few videos and attended some webinars which were published on LawSikho’s YouTube channel, through which another lawyer connected with him, and recommended him to an AoR with 10 years’ standing under whom he trained.

Do you want to know how LawSikho helps its AoR students?

We have identified that you need help in 4 areas:

  1. AoR exam prep
  • We provide you all the study materials you need (485 pages of hard copy reading material + regular online updates)
  • 3 weekly classes, including with practitioners who have cleared the AoR exam 
  • Weekly assignments – 2 assignments every week, 90 assignments in total
  • 25 fortnightly mock tests, 12 full length mocks 
  • Personal feedback (do you know anyone else from whom you can get personal feedback on the quality of your answers and how to improve them?)
  • You give us just 3 hours of hardcore study time per day for 6 months – that is all we need
  1. Guidance for logistics
  • What to study, how much to practise, when to study what
  • How to get a certificate of commencement and how to network with AoRs
  • You can benefit from our alumni network
  • We have helped hundreds of law students get internships with AoRs
  1. How to get more litigation clients so you can grow your practice
  • We realise that you need more than just a course to clear the AoR exam; you need corporate clients. So we provide extra courses on arbitration and corporate litigation so you can build a successful litigation practice and differentiate yourself from others
  • We have a placement and freelance team that refers over 100 litigation matters every month all over India to our students and alumni
  • We help outstanding students develop a strong online presence by featuring them on our iPleaders blog, Superlawyer, and YouTube channel. This makes them visible to thousands of potential clients.
  1. How to earn enough or supplement your litigation income so that you can carry on and do not have to give up on your dream midway
  • The easiest way to increase your earnings quickly is to start contract drafting and compliance work for SMEs and startups. If our students are earning below INR 1 lakh, we help them develop the ability and track record to get work so that they can pursue their dreams without anxiety about their earnings
  • We have helped over 500 lawyers get freelance legal work every month to supplement their income
  • We have a network of 15,000 alumni who are referring opportunities to each other all the time!

Knowing all this, how can you not want to give the AoR exam a shot? Particularly since LawSikho is there to guide you on how to prepare and even crack this competitive exam. 

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