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How to reach out to partners and principal associates of boutique law firms as a law student or a young law graduate

I will teach you how to reach out to partners of boutique law firms so you can land your first internship with them.

One of my students was not getting any internships. He was not listening to us in the beginning. 

But during the pandemic, after failing to get any job for about a year, finally he came around to following what we taught him. 

I know some people are just stubborn!

Btw, this is not just for law students. Even lawyers can get this and get amazing results.

Make a list of 30 principal associates/partners.

Send this message: 

Hi xyz,

I can help you to start a blog for your law firm (or make your law firm’s blog more active/ whatever it is). I will also assist you to publish one article every week, including sending them to leading publications.

All I want in return is an opportunity to do a 1 month assessment internship.  If you find my work beneficial and useful, you can hire me at any salary, or not. 

I just want an opportunity to support you. It will be a dream come true for me.

Before deciding on my request, you can give me any trial article to write if you like. I have written over 10 articles on commercial laws till date, and I will not waste your time.

Here are some articles I have written recently: [insert links]

PS: I can also help you to create amazing posts for Twitter and Linkedin, help to build a larger following, and help you to reach potential clients on social media.

Of course, as you see before sending this message you need to write some impressive articles.

The student had done that.


He soon got over 6 internships from top law firms: AZB, Induslaw, Bharucha, Burgeon Law etc.

Now he is an associate at Atlas Law Partners – doing legalwork!

Make sure all of you do not write the same mail to the same law firm partners, then it will not work 😂

But you know what is incredible?

Use the same technique to network with in-house counsels at banks and fintech companies. 

Once you establish relationships with them and they are delighted with your work, ask them for recommendations to the law firms they work with. 

When clients recommend, lawyers cannot refuse.

This can be a great way to land introductions.

You can also do this with insolvency professionals and partners of the Big Four accounting firms. 

These activities not only serve as a powerful backup option but they also give you an advantage in your interview phase of the SEBI Grade A exam. 

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