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It’s all about ‘How’ on Day 2 of our international business laws bootcamp

Did you attend the first day of our Bootcamp on International Business Laws?

We revealed exactly how it can be easier to earn a dollar than to earn a rupee! The expression people used to describe the revelation was “Crazy!!”

We also showed them why this is true.

They were all pleasantly shocked.

We also showed how to incorporate a company in Singapore and how to choose the right entry vehicle.

We showed you how Indian lawyers are doing freelance remote work on platforms like Upwork and making over 50-70 lakhs based on publicly available data.

We talked about how you could work for startups and conventional businesses as in-house counsel doing international expansion.

We showed you how to look up whether a company is registered in Delaware or California.

We did a lot of exciting things, and we are really looking forward to today’s sessions just as much as you.

What is in store today? Even more exciting stuff, but I will get to that in a moment.

First let me show you what people who attended yesterday are saying!

It is so wonderful that participants are reaching out on their social media handles to share their learning and experiences just after day-1.

Have a look at these screenshots!!

Well this is not surprising given all the awesome feedback we got during the session!

For today, we are going to discuss the skills that you would need to make it big in the international business laws scene. 

You will not want to miss this! 

Come in today to know exactly which arrows you will need in your quiver.

On top of it, we are going to discuss something that any entrepreneur is most concerned about and is willing to listen to: taxes! Your employers and clients are going to be no exception.

We will discuss how ‘flipping’ is used to save considerable sums of money in taxes, get access to more capital and foreign investors, and also how tax havens can be used for business structuring and what are the pros and cons of doing this.

Not something you would be willing to lose out on.

Make sure you are there at 6PM. Set an alarm on your phone if you have not already. For today and for tomorrow.

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