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Over a hundred new advocates will start Supreme Court practice by cracking AoR exam this year – what’s your plan?

The AoR Exam dates for 2021 were just announced, here is what you need to know:

It is exactly 60 days from today. It is a 4-day long affair, with 4 exams of 3 hours each day, and will be conducted on the Supreme Court Premises, New Delhi. COVID negative test report is mandatory. 

Before I discuss more about this, I want to ask you a few questions: 

Have you been struggling to convert clients? 

Do you slash down your quotes to rock-bottom prices because of fear that clients will walk away if you quote higher? 

Is it difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition?  

The pandemic has created this new opportunity to appear before the Supreme Court from any part of the country. 

Being a Supreme Court lawyer can be a huge prestige symbol for clients. 

This opportunity wasn’t there a few years back.

To be a Supreme Court lawyer, you must crack the Advocate-on-Record exam. 

Here are the subjects you need to prepare for :

Paper-1: Practice and Procedure of Supreme Court (Day 1: 3 hrs)

Paper-2: Drafting (Day 2: 3 hrs)

Paper-3: Advocacy and Professional Ethics (Day3: 3 hrs)

Paper-4: Leading Cases (Day4: 3 hrs) (list is contained in Annexure ‘A’ here)

To be eligible to attempt the exam, you must have practiced for 4 years as an advocate. 

1 year training certificate with an AoR of 10 years’ standing is mandatory. You must intimate the Supreme Court Registry once you start this training. 

If you haven’t filed this training certificate, you can do this by the end of the month, and attempt the exam in 2022. 

If you had already intimated the registry earlier, you need to send in your application form for the exam by 26 April 2021. 

To clear the exam, you must secure at least 60% overall, with 50% in each paper. There are only 5 attempts. 

You can’t afford to miss any paper if you register. If you fail all papers in any attempt, you are disqualified from attempting the exam for one year. 

Do you want to learn how to crack the exam and build a Supreme Court practice? We are conducting a 3-days free and online bootcamp which can help you with an actionable plan to study for the AoR examination.

We will also give you three incredible resources if you attend this free online bootcamp on all 3 days:

  1. A master guide on how to approach the new syllabus of leading cases by studying 2 hours a day for the next 45 days.
  2. A step by step guide on how to master an SLP draft with sample drafts.
  3. Ten essential key strategies that you can use to fight for any public cause and get your PIL admitted with recent case studies.

If you don’t attend this bootcamp, you will not even know what you are missing. 

From 2-3 years from now you will see a new breed of Supreme Court lawyers who would have grabbed this opportunity and extended their practices to the apex court.

You may regret not taking action today. The world is changing, if you don’t strategize how you will be on top of this, you may be left in the dust. 

Your best shot is going to be to meet this situation head on, to ride the wave rather than be washed away by it. 

To register, click here:

If you have already registered, make sure that you schedule yourself to participate and login early – we have 5000+ registrations already, and only 3000 seats available.

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See you there!

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