These myths stop 97% law grads from getting law firm jobs

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you this, but there’s a lot of competition out there for lawyers and law students like you.

Most young lawyers dream of joining top-tier law firms, but are unable to gather the courage to take the necessary steps (a lot of people half-heartedly apply to a few law firms, get no response, and stop trying). 

Are you one of the many who dream of a law firm job but are about to give up on it?

The common myths

Here are some widespread myths about getting a law firm job that you may have heard:

  • Only toppers from law schools get jobs in top law firms
  • You need to be a mooter if you want a corporate law firm job
  • Publishing articles in journals and presenting conference papers are the best ways to showcase practical skills for a law firm job
  • Law firms are only for corporate lawyers, not for those who want to work on disputes and litigation
  • To get a law firm job, an LLB alone is not enough. You need either a CS or LL.M.
  • Real learning and exposure are possible only from internships
  • Seniors at law firms will mentor and train you as an intern
  • As a first-generation lawyer, you are seriously disadvantaged. Second and third-generation lawyers will always do better than you
  • The placement committee of your law school will help you get a job, as promised at the time of admission
  • If you do not get through at one of the big firms, it is not worth working with smaller law firms
  • If you do not get a top law firm job as a fresher, you have no hope of getting one later

If any part of you believes in these stories, stop. You are not helping yourself. 

Get rid of your fears and inhibitions

Regardless of what your experience level is or wherever you live, if you are a law student, an in-house counsel, independent practitioner, or a young lawyer who wants to move to a law firm job, we have got you all covered.

What you are struggling with is lack of proper guidance and support to help you navigate the job market. Add myths to that, and you get confusion and discouragement. 

Not on our watch! Our upcoming insightful, resourceful, and FREE bootcamp will help you put your job search struggles to rest. Among other things, you will learn:

  • What skills you need in order to land a job at the law firm of your dreams
  • Should you apply through LinkedIn or directly via email? How do you get them to seriously look at your application and CV?
  • How do you build a track record as a solid candidate that makes you stand out from the other multitudes of applicants?
  • How you can identify your area of interest and build a relevant professional network that brings you incredible opportunities?

This is your chance to attend a free and online bootcamp and learn step by step how you could get a job in a law firm in next few months.  Empower yourself with important skills and insights that will help you in your internships, interviews and actual work in law firms in the future.

It is not as hard as it appears to secure a law firm job, it just takes some consistent work in the right direction. 

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