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This decade has just 1 more month left

2020 has 1 more month left. The last month of the last year of the decade.

What will you do with this 1 month? Can this be the launchpad for an amazing decade for you?

1 month is enough to turn your life around, if you put in the 10x efforts needed.

Let me tell you a secret. I started feeling suicidal in July. I shared my feelings with my friends & my coach. With their help, I worked and turned things around. 

Here is what has happened at LawSikho till today, Nov 30:

  • Our revenue has tripled since February. Although we faced a difficult market, we grew and doubled our team size;
  • We worked with one of the top law schools in the United States (ranked #8 for their IP programs) and also the largest US university to launch a pathbreaking online course for Indian lawyers;
  • We received mandates from several top foreign universities to promote them in India;
  • We made LawSikho fully remote. So now I can work from beautiful locations anywhere in the world. We gave up our two offices in Delhi and Kolkata in September. Our office is now a beautiful farmhouse where we have a coliving facility for our colleagues.
  • Skill India recognition for several LawSikho courses to be launched.

I made some strides on the personal health front too, which I am quite happy about:

  • As of today I weigh 85 kg (down from 100 in July), and the body fat percentage is at the lowest it has been in the last 5 years. I feel fitter than ever.
  • I got the internal inflammation under control and bio-hacked my body to better immunity, more energy and good mental health.

Of course, the credit for all of these successes goes to my amazing co-founders, colleagues, coaches & all of you who constantly supported & encouraged me.

The year is not over yet. I have big plans for December.

2020 is giving us one more chance while our competitors are still on the back foot. We can pick up momentum while others wait for things to normalize.

LawSikho has some things that can make your December special; grab these opportunities. 

The following of our courses are still available at  INR 30000, for a few hours. From tomorrow, the price of these courses will become INR 36600.

Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Diploma in M&A, Institutional Finance and Investment Laws (PE and VC transactions)

Diploma in Cyber Law, FinTech Regulations and Technology Contracts

Also, two of our most popular libraries i.e. Master Access (for practicing lawyers) and Virtual Career Development Library for Law Students are now only open for a few hours until tomorrow.  

The price of the Virtual Career Development Library including test prep courses, which is an access to 45 different courses from LawSikho, available for an entire year is currently INR 43,500. This will be increased to INR 68,000, if there are any slots available. 

The price of Master Access, available to you for a year, is currently INR 50,000. We will only take 10 new members in our Master Access program, after which we will hike our annual subscription to INR 78,000 per year. 

So jump in, make the most of the last month of the last year of this decade so you can start your 2021 with awesome momentum.

And never give up!

Take mental health seriously. Peak performance requires peak mental health too.

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