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Update on the corporate law bootcamp

LawSikho is organising a 3-day FREE Online Bootcamp on How to kickstart your career as a corporate lawyer. 

Date and time

12-14 June 2021

6-9pm Indian Standard Time


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Who should attend:

  • Lawyers who want to work in top law firms or in the corporate practice of boutique law firms,
  • Litigators whose practice is severely hurt by the pandemic and who want to perform corporate work
  • Lawyers who want to build an independent/ freelancing corporate practice or start their own law firm
  • Law students who want to secure the best corporate law firm jobs after graduation and create financial safety for themselves 

What will you learn during this bootcamp

  • How to draft bylaws of a Delaware C-corporation?
  • How to support a US lawyer in the event of a transfer of ownership in a C-Corp?
  • How to prepare the agenda, minutes and resolution for a US C-Corporation Board meeting?
  • How to convert an LLC or S Corp into a C-Corp or vice-versa? 
  • How to perform legal work for a merger of a US corporation in one state with a company in another state?
  • How to draft a convertible note for an early-stage investment transaction?

Note: We had earlier said that we will cover how to secure in-house jobs in large corporations, but we have decided to focus on that in a separate bootcamp as it is an extensive area in itself.

In this bootcamp, we will focus exclusively on securing  law firm jobs and remote freelance corporate work, as this itself is a very vast area.


If you attend the bootcamp on all three days then you will receive templates (PDF) of more than 10 documents. 

You have to attend for more than 2.5hrs each day to be eligible to receive these. 

  1. Templates of agenda, minutes and resolution for a US C-Corporation Board meeting 
  2. Bylaws of a Delaware C-Corp, Checklist of actions for transfer of ownership of a US company 
  3. Checklist of registrations needed to incorporate and kickstart a US company 
  4. Checklist of annual and periodic compliances for a Delaware C-Corp and S-Corp
  5. Articles of incorporation and bylaws for an S-Corporation 
  6. Articles of organisation and operating agreement for LLC 
  7. Templates for Agenda, minutes and resolutions for a US C-Corporation Board meeting
  8. Template for Stock Certificate of a California, New York and Texas C-Corp
  9. Memorandum and Articles of Association of an Indian Company
  10. Template of agenda, minutes and resolutions for the board meeting of an Indian Company 
  11. Template of agenda, minutes and resolutions for the shareholders meeting of an Indian Company 
  12. Checklist of Registers and Annual and Periodic Compliance Requirements for an Indian Company 
  13. Convertible Note Template


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Looking forward to seeing you at the bootcamp. 

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