What are the different kinds of internships available in LawSikho?

First, here are some general things about interning at LawSikho:

1. Always paid, but of course proportionate to what kind of work you do.

2. It’s real work. Clear objectives have to be met, or you will be asked to leave. You will be held accountable if you do not work. So do not apply if that is not your cup of tea.

3. All of the internships are remote; international students are welcome to apply.

4. We prefer people who have long-term plans to work for LawSikho and intend to intern with us for at least 6 months. We have a team of over 350 people currently, and every month we end up hiring over 10 new people these days (we cannot assure this rate of hiring will always continue), and we prefer to hire our ex-interns.

5. It is not limited to law students; we have interns from engineering students, MBA/BBA students, psychology, arts, journalism, science, and other disciplines.

6. We do not do legal work except in our in-house legal team, which is a very small team and can’t accommodate more than 1 intern at a time.

7. In our blog team, you can intern for as less as 3 hrs per day, other teams expect you to commit more time.

8. We have no preference for people from big-name institutions, but we are biased towards people from small towns, villages, and remote areas, as well as those who have a history of teaching themselves high value useful skills using the internet.

9. For all internship positions, you need to have a good internet connection, your own laptop, and very good English communication skills. This is a basic requirement, but specific roles may have specific selection criteria.

10. Every month we get hundreds of unsolicited applications for internships, especially from law students. We may not be able to respond to all (depending on volume), but we go through all of them because we want interns who will make a difference here. So feel free to do things that make your application stand out from the boring run-of-the-mill applications. The best thing to do is to show us what you have done in the past or what you can do for us if given an internship. Creativity, originality of thought, good writing skills, humour, courage, and hard work win.

11. While applying, specify in the subject line of the mail which team you are applying for and the number of months for which you want to intern. If you do not do this, your application may not be considered at all. Do not apply for more than one team in one mail, unless you want to get rejected automatically.

If you want to intern with us, please decide which team you want to intern with first and then apply accordingly.

Here are the different teams we have (send applications by email):

1. Content and course delivery team

(headed by Yash Vijayvargiya; Send mail to :

This internship is for the legal intellectuals amongst you. If you love doing research, writing, proofreading, improving the readability of study material, and working with legal experts who chose to dedicate their careers to teaching practical skills to lawyers and law students, apart from making sure that classes are properly delivered, assignments are getting done, and people are achieving their learning objectives, this might be a suitable internship for you. The best way to crack this is to send your high-quality published articles and research papers that would impress the team. They do not accept interns who will intern for less than 3 months. If you want to intern for 1 month, do not bother to apply – it’s a waste of all our time.

2. Test prep team 

(headed by Shweta Kumar Devgan; Send mail to :

This team is always working hard to help law graduates trying to crack the judiciary exams, SEBI law officers exams, UGC NET, IBPS and other such competitive exams. This is a large team of around 20 very dedicated people, many of whom have already cracked major exams. Helping our students crack tough competitive exams is their passion. You can join if you want to assist them in creating better study materials, and better mock tests, preparing better class scripts, helping them track the performance and preparedness level of each student, and so on. They prefer people who will intern at least for 6 months. It is unlikely you will get accepted if you want to intern for a shorter duration.

3. iPleaders blog team 

(headed by Vanshika Kapoor; send mail to:

Minimum commitment required – 3 months. 2-4 hrs per day. This is the easiest internship we have. In this internship, you research and write articles or update existing articles. If you do well enough, the work gets published in the iPleaders blog, under your name and you get offered to write for us with a stipend and set your own weekly targets. This is an exclusive paid freelance offer for all writers. We like to hand-pick the best-performing ex-interns for it. If you are good at legal research and have a passion for writing, this is the internship for you.

4. Performance Coaching team 

(headed by Saumya Singh; send mail to:

This is a large team of over 20 people, and a lot of the people here have a psychology background. This team is engaged in coaching our students for higher performance. This involves goal setting as per a roadmap we have created for different career aspirations, tracking those goals for each student, and holding them accountable if they miss their targets. Its tough work, but magical work. If you want to learn to coach or climb the corporate ladder fast in the future by managing high-performance teams, this internship may be for you. Minimum duration – 6 months.

5. Employability and Placements team 

(headed by Priyanka Karwa, send mail to:

They hunt for opportunities for LawSikho students as well as alumni. They do the job of a recruitment agency, but for free! They know all the recruiters out there and maintain great relationships. They shortlist candidates based on the recruiter’s requirements and then prepare these candidates for the interview. Want to help them? Minimum 6 months commitment is needed to work in this team. We accept both law and non-law students for this internship. In fact, we prefer non-law students. A lot of our students have no legal skills, but due to a difficult financial situation, they need to start earning immediately. They are provided with non-legal freelance work. Priyanka’s team finds opportunities for these kids from all over the world, especially from the USA, UK, Dubai and other developed economies. Want to help them? Apply for a 6 months internship. This is a very good opportunity for non-law students – including BBA, Bcom, English Literature, and other students.  A minimum 6 months commitment is needed to work in this team.

6. Legal freelance team 

(headed by Komal Shah, send mail to:

This team connects our students with heavy-duty legal work and paralegal opportunities, mostly international. The focus is on the US, Europe, Singapore, and Dubai. They have some lawyers to guide the learners if they don’t do a good job; they also make proposals and pitch to clients, and even get on calls with clients and lawyers both! Minimum 6 months commitment is needed to work in this team as well.

7. Sales team 

(headed by Siddhant Singh Baid; send mail to:

Their job is to make sure that revenues flow in. They are mostly on calls all the time with prospective leads. They take trainees – with 1-year full-time commitment, not interns. For those who want to get into sales and make money fast, this may be the right opportunity for you. Good English communication, and hard-working people with empathy are required. And yes, enthusiasm is what counts in sales.

8. Marketing team 

(headed by Vibhas Sen; send mail to :

In this team, we want interns who can design, write content, be copywriters, email marketers, SEO experts, YouTubers, and meme makers. It’s okay if you are not an expert, but if you have no portfolio to show, and no past work, even if done for fun, to demonstrate, do not apply. The minimum commitment is 3 months in this team.

9. HR team 

(headed by Harman Saini; send mail to:

They help LawSikho function remotely, manage paperwork, softwares that help to keep the organization together, manage performance, comply with employment-related laws and internal governance practices, deal with disciplinary proceedings if any, run our rewards and recognition programs, and of course source amazing people to build a high functioning team. They take trainees for recruitment and employee relations roles. You would get to learn how to find the right candidate for a vacancy and build strong interpersonal skills. You may also get a chance to collaborate on creative ideas for employee engagement, internal communication, learning and development, and day-to-day HR operations. The minimum commitment is 6 months in this team. Good English communication (written and verbal), tech focus, empathy, and enthusiasm are required.

10. Technology team 

(headed by Sudeep Deb; send mail to:

They build our in-house technology. They bring the tech in EdTech. They are the reason we can take in thousands of students every year and ensure a large number of happy students who get satisfactory results from our course. If you have some experience and an interest in coding, you can apply for an internship here. Minimum commitment required – 6 months.

11. Legal and compliances team 

(headed by Sanghita Mukherjee; send mail to:

They deal with legal compliance and disputes. We also do a lot of pro bono work for those who need legal help but cannot afford it. If you are interested and can commit for at least 6 months, feel free to apply.

Feel free to reach out to the respective team heads if you want to apply for an internship! And no, writing “I’m interested” in your email will not lead to selection for internships! But feel free to ask any questions that you may have!

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