Join us at LawSikho. We’re #1 legal edtech startup in the world, with our people operating out of six countries, everyone working remotely forever.

We are a bootstrapped company, but we have beaten every heavily funded company that ever took us head on.
We enable thousands of people to get jobs, internships and freelance work every month. We help them to massively increase their income potential. This has resulted in rapid growth of our organisation since 2018, when we started with a tiny team.
As a team, we are unstoppable, relentless and ever dedicated to producing great outcomes for our learners, more than 70% of whom are above the age of 30.
We have rewritten every rule in the book when it comes to the edtech industry. We work from first principles, and make impossible things possible.

If you are tired of working at run of the mill corporate jobs where your contribution is not valued, we want you.

If you have incredible talent that is undervalued in the small town where you live, we want you.

If you are being asked to return to an office job although you have been delivering excellent value to your organisation remotely, we want you. We value talent and hard work, we love people who take initiatives and go beyond ticking boxes, we need people who want to change lives. We don’t care how old you are, how many degrees you have or not or where you live.
We do not care what your gender, sexual orientation or race is. We are not a company that supports equity, we believe in equality of opportunity. We do not have diversity officers, and yet we have a wonderfully diverse team despite focusing exclusively on merit and results.

Don’t join us if you do not actually enjoy your work. Do not join us if you want easy work. Do not join us if you hate new challenges. You will not like it and you will not last.

Are you the sort of person who wonders at the end of the day what they could do more to make things better around them? Do you lie in bed uneasy if you did not accomplish enough in the day?

Do you take pride in the work that you do? Do you feel that your work needs to push the human race forward and no less?

Then come and join us because you will feel at home with us.

If you are driven, result-focused, always looking for new challenges and a solution-finder who thrives in adversity, we want you!

Why should you join us?

banner We are a 100% remote work company. You can work from home or from a mountain top - it makes no difference to us as long as you play your role! No long commutes, no getting stuck in traffic. We want you to focus your time, energy and mindspace on giving the best to your work. If being with your family or playing with your pet in between makes you a more efficient worker, we encourage you to do more of that!
banner We prioritise skills over formal qualification, and attitude over experience. Our inclusive, collaborative approach recognises and gives talent a platform to achieve accelerated growth. We are also inclined to provide opportunities to individuals from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, those with career gaps, working mothers etc because we know you have tremendous potential that is not properly valued in the job market.Their loss, our gain.
banner We have a diverse workforce, with employees operating from multiple locations across the world. 62% of our staff are women in critical, leadership roles. We promote talent faster than any other startup – and that’s purely based on your work, not your experience.

Our Culture: How we roll at LawSikho

We’re matter-of-fact, focused, informal. We do not have sir-ma’am culture.

We hate jargon and corporate-speak. We prefer you say things in the most simple language possible, keep it real, be respectful but not deferential.

Give bad news first. Don’t cover up failures. Be honest, transparent, otherwise we cannot trust you.

We don’t believe in hierarchy. However, everyone must have clear metrics for both their results and efforts. Your performance cannot be a matter of the opinion of your line manager or any other person.

It has to be clear, transparent and obvious. This helps us to keep our workplace results focused and politics free.

We have an open-door culture where everyone's voices count. If you have a great, innovative idea, we want to hear it – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a team leader or an intern. One of our cofounders joined us as an intern, then he launched a vertical and was given equity in the company for his rockstar contribution

So get ready to unleash your inner superstar!

Our managers provide frequent feedback to their teams and strive to create a positive, enabling environment that will fuel your personal and professional growth.

And when it comes to celebrating victories, big or small, our team knows how to party!

So buckle up and join our crew as we skyrocket LawSikho to new, greater heights.


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