1. Content & Course Delivery

This team is responsible for doing research, writing, creating exciting course material, improving the readability of study material, hosting classes and working with legal experts who chose to dedicate their careers to teaching practical skills to lawyers and law students. They make sure that classes are properly delivered, assignments are getting done, and people are achieving their learning objectives.The team also includes coaches whose role involves goal setting based on a roadmap we have created for various career aspirations. They track these goals for each student and hold them accountable if they fail to meet their targets. It's tough but rewarding work.


2. Test Prep

This team works hard to help law graduates crack highly-competitive exams like the Judiciary, SEBI law officers exam, UGC NET, IBPS and others. This team includes rockstar faculty who have already cracked the major exams themselves. The test prep team thrives on relentless dedication, expertise, and a shared zeal to empower law graduates in conquering formidable competitive exams, where crafting superior study materials, conducting meticulous mock tests, and personalised performance tracking intertwine to propel students toward their aspirational goals. We succeed when our learners crack these very tough exams.

3. Technology

They build our in-house technology capability. They bring the tech in EdTech. They are the reason we can take in thousands of students every year and ensure a large number of happy students who get satisfactory results from our courses. If you are a problem solver, love to code, and get uncomfortable if project delivery deadlines are delayed, we want you on the team.


4. Sales

We believe that revenue follows amazing counselling and adding value to the lives of our prospects. You got to add a bit of magic in the lives of everyone you speak with. Their life will never be the same after they speak to you! Because this is our goal on every call and every interaction, revenue grows like magic too. You will be shocked to see the average revenue brought in by each of our sales people, because both the caller and the prospect benefit immensely from the call. We will expect you to develop rock solid knowledge about the courses you are selling and the industry in which you are operating, because knowledge sets apart the low quality callers from the superstars we want to work with. If you are in the habit of lying or mis-selling or over promising during sales calls, or mislead your prospects in any way, stay away from us. We monitor all our calls with AI. We will refund the customer who got mis-sold and terminate the unethical caller’s job. This means our sales team is full of real high performers who take great pride in the work they do.

5. Employability and Placements

They hunt for opportunities for our students, connect with the recruiters out there and maintain great relationships. They shortlist students as per requirements and then prepare them for the selection process. We accept both law and non-law candidates for this vertical. If you are strong with interpersonal skills, like to host virtual sessions, love to work with targets, and have a strong understanding of professional networking sites, this team may be for you.


6. Operations

The operations team serves as the initial point of contact for students once they have purchased a course, providing friendly assistance and addressing any questions or concerns they may have. They prioritize ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for new learners. Additionally, the operations team handles various student queries, including batch migrations, delivery of course materials, etc. This team works with strict targets making it an ideal choice for individuals who are goal-oriented and motivated. If you possess a strong drive for achieving targets, we welcome you to join our operations team.

7. Support

They juggle tasks with ninja-like precision and ensure efficient ticket closure. They're the friendly superheroes at the backend, ensuring a seamless learning experience and saving the day whenever our learners need them with various types of queries during the course or even after.


8. Legal Freelancing

This team connects our students with heavy- duty legal work and paralegal opportunities, mostly international. They have some lawyers to guide the learners if they don’t do a good job; they also make proposals and pitch to clients.

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