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10 Skills to help you land your dream job faster

Although lawyering is generally very well paid work, young lawyers earn too little, and continue to work very hard for their seniors, in the hope of making it big one day.

It is entirely possible to build your own practice early on from scratch, or to even command a good salary while working at a good chamber. 

It is similarly very much possible to secure a well-paying job with great growth opportunities at a good law firm or in-house legal team. 

However, that requires you to have some practical skills. 

What are these practical skills that you should learn to get the coveted jobs and then to perform like a champion? 

Here are the 10 skills you must master to find early success as a lawyer

  1. The ability to find, understand and analyse any statutory provision, regulation, rule, circular or notification
  2. The ability to put an argument or a point across in writing or through a speech
  3. The ability to draft and negotiate contracts
  4. The ability to come up with a legal strategy or legal position given a specific situation, and the ability to advice clients regarding the same
  5. Project management skill- the ability to plan and manage a legal process efficiently from the beginning till a remedy is obtained or a deal is closed
  6. The ability to understand and support the commercial/pecuniary objectives of clients, as well as comprehensive understanding of business models, organizational models and business logic behind any transaction
  7. The ability to process a large amount of information and advice 
  8. The ability to invent a solution through creativity, but supported by legal analysis
  9. The ability to understand and implement procedural aspects of law with a very high level of attention to detail 
  10. The ability to represent the interests of an unrelated person dispassionately, coherently, only based on legal logic before an authority or another party

If you can master these ten skillsets then not only will your job prospects improve immensely but it will help you stand out from other candidates who may have similar qualifications and experience levels.

We have also compiled a list of law firm specific skills which have been found effective to secure a job in law firms. 

But it’s not just about being qualified either. You also need a good track record and be able to stand out among your competition at times as well. 

This is where Lawsikho comes into the picture with its upcoming 3-day bootcamp on how exactly these things work for someone who wants that coveted opportunity of working in a major firm. 

Bootcamp details: 

Title: How to get a law firm job

Date: 24-26 July 

Time: 6-9 pm Indian Standard Time (IST)


The bootcamp has been designed by lawyers who have worked in Tier-1 law firms so as to provide participants with practical knowledge about what it takes to land their dream jobs.

During this bootcamp you will learn how to identify your area of interest and what are the growth opportunities and future pathways in a law firm job. 

You will also be able to draft out an amazing CV that highlights your previous experience with relevant articles, real-life experiences as well as adding videos of yourself talking through some past projects which are guaranteed to impress any employer!


If you have already registered then add this event to your calendar now: 

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