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What’s stopping you from applying to a law firm

Why don’t more people apply to law firms?

Most law aspirants dream of working in top-tier law firms. 

The world of premier lawyers is fiercely competitive. The few positions that open up are often snatched by those willing to work tirelessly from any location. Many hesitate to apply worrying about their eligibility. Some might even fear the struggle that comes with moving to big cities. 

Due to these misconceptions, they miss out on the opportunity to feel fulfilled professionally.

Are these stopping you from applying for a job with your dream firm?

Some common myths about getting a law firm job:

  • Only toppers in law schools can get jobs in top law firms.
  • You need to be a mooter if you want to get a corporate law firm job.
  • Publishing articles in journals and paper presentations in conferences is the best way to showcase practical skills for a law firm job. 
  • Law firms are only for corporate lawyers; those who want to work on disputes and litigations cannot work in a law firm.
  • To get a law firm job, LLB alone is not enough. You need to also do CS or LLM. 
  • Real learning and exposure are possible only from internships. 
  • Seniors at law firms will mentor and train us in internships.  
  • Having a long list of internships in prestigious firms will enable me to secure my dream job eventually. 
  • Only students from top law schools have access to the best job opportunities.
  • As a first-generation lawyer, you are seriously disadvantaged. 2nd and 3rd generation lawyers will always do better than you ever can 
  • The placement committee of your law school will help you to get a job, this was promised at the time of admission after all
  • Doing cheap online courses and getting many certificates will ensure I get a law firm job
  • If you do not get through to one of the big and famous law firms, it is not worth working with the smaller law firms
  • If you do not get a law firm job as a fresher, then you have no hope of getting a top law firm job later
  • All law firms are equal. Just get into any firm.
  • All law firms pay great salaries

If you have hesitated to apply to law firms due to any of those reasons then it is time to end them now.

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