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Challenges to get a law firm job

Have you faced any of these challenges while applying for a law firm job or internships:

  • Emailed 100s of law firms but no response. You have no idea what you can do differently to evoke a response.
  • Seeing your classmates and colleagues with personal relationships or recommendations from high places helping them to get into a law firm.
  • No clear guidance or training program on how one can get through to a law firm job.
  • Stringent attendance regulations at college restricting your chances to do internships for longer durations.
  • Seeing law students and young lawyers from a few law schools given preference over you. 
  • Hesitating to apply to law firms because they are looking for experienced lawyers and do not give a chance to those who have no experience. 
  • Not confident if your online internship will help you convert to a full time job.
  • Lack of good knowledge of drafting and court procedures will make you ineligible to apply for such jobs/internships. 
  • Not sure if you need Company Secretary certification along with law degree to enhance your chance of getting a law firm job. 
  • Your CV and cover letter do not match the standards required by law firms.
  • Reluctance to move to big cities to get work in leading law firms. 

If you could relate to any one of these challenges but still desire to work in a law firm then: 

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