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5 reasons to choose technology law

Are you worried about your career prospects in the pandemic? 

Are you looking for opportunities to acquire the most in-demand and marketable skills in one of the fastest growing sectors today? 

Do you often wonder how you can access lucrative career-opportunities that the ever-expanding cyberspace and the market connected to it offer?

Technology has taken the world by the storm. With people restricted to a confined space in the pandemic, the internet became the primary business platform globally! 

This boom forced offices, schools, conferences, music concerts, interviews to migrate to technology to reach the users. It helped the world to “move on” when it was difficult to “move around.”  

This has opened many opportunities in technology without the need of a degree in science or IT. 

The following five key factors are pushing the already skyrocketing demand for technology lawyers further, forward and upward!:

E-commerce boom: During the pandemic many brick and mortar shops took their business to the online marketplace. As a result, the already expanding e-commerce market got a fresh shot in the arm. 

Thus, today, newer and newer types of contracts, licenses, cookie policies, terms and conditions are required to be drafted. More and more virtual transaction related issues are requiring increasing attention from lawyers, company secretaries and accountants. 

Rise of Blockchain: This is one sector which has grown rapidly and where requirement for regulations is rising by the hour. Blockchain is a ledger of online transactions maintained and updated per transaction by cryptocurrency users. 

When Bitcoin started its journey in 2009-10, 1 Bitcoin was worth 60 cents. Today, 1 Bitcoin can fetch you more than US$ 36,000! Today, we all have all heard about the under-30 crypto-billionaires and teenage crypto-millionaires! 

2021 has already seen the world’s first teenage crypto-billionaire from Germany. This year has also seen India’s first 3 crypto-billionaires, for their US$ 14 billion start-up Python, which, when it began in 2019, was valued at US$ 26 millions.  

However hack attacks and lost passwords have led to the crypto-industry losing billions of dollars. As a result, the need for regulations have been acutely felt and demand for tech-lawyers and accountants have skyrocketed.  

Emerging Technologies: Many conventional areas of work have taken aid from technology to grow and evolve into several high-paying new age hybrid areas of work. These are together called “Emerging Technologies”.

Fintech, Agritech, Insurtech, Edtech, Healthtech etc are such areas where there are increasing opportunities for lawyers, accountants, company secretaries and policy researchers. 

India is a rising market when it comes to emerging technologies. For instance, FinTech absorption rates are as high as 84% in India. Indian tech-based startups like Razorpay and CRED have emerged as highly successful ventures! 

Data-driven Growth: You must have heard the popular new-age saying regarding the lucrative, cyberspace-oriented and ever expanding tech market: “Data is the new Oil”!

When it comes to Information Technology, data is the element that constitutes information – something that technology has made invaluable today. Data is also the key component of algorithms that makes coding and software-as-service possible!

Improper handling and management of data have led to public and private enterprises such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple and even the British Home Office, the London Metropolitan Police and the prestigious MIT Media Lab face expensive lawsuits, congressional hearings and media outrage. 

Recently, commercial use of user-data is a raging bone of contention in a litigation between Apple and Facebook-WhatsApp before the Competition Commission of India!           

Remote-working Opportunities: Today, many of you might be looking for lucrative remote working opportunities. The rapidly expanding technology industry, coupled with the global jurisdiction of cyberspace, have led to many remote and online work opportunities.

Lawyers, law students, accountants and company secretaries  can all work remotely for global and Indian companies, startups, firms and even for foreign lawyers. 

One can easily earn more than US$ 2000 per month working online.That too, from the security of home, without having to go through the hassles of getting Visa, Green Card and practice-license!    

The technology industry is not merely reserved for techies to grow and prosper today. Technology lawyers are poised for the same growth today that Indian corporate lawyers were in the early 1990s when the markets opened up. 

Technology law offers you the opportunity to build a prosperous and secure career by catering to a global market by working remotely. 

This phenomenal growth of the technology industry, from what all the pundit-s are saying, is here to stay! Are you interested in making a career in technology law?

Are you wondering where to begin and what to study? 

LawSikho is bringing a FREE 3 day online bootcamp on Building a Career in Technology Law, 26th-28th June, 2021, 6-9 pm, Indian Standard Time


In this bootcamp you will learn:

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  • Know more about how you can grow with the fast expanding technology market as a lawyer, law student, accountant or company secretary? 
  • Learn how to tap into the multiple lucrative opportunities that are there for technology lawyers.
  • Gain practical insight and in-depth knowledge of technology for your professional success.
  • Receive hands-on, industry-oriented training from experts in only 3 days, by devoting only 3 hours a day, online and completely FREE of cost? 

Who should attend:

Lawyers who are:

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  • Interested in working in in-house legal teams of Big Technology companies and fast growing tech startups in Silicon Valley, India, or elsewhere.
  • Looking to pursue international LLM soon.
  • Stuck in dead end jobs that pay less and make you work too much.
  • Not finding a job due to the bad job market in the pandemic.
  • Dreaming of a legal career in the USA or UK.
  • Young lawyers looking to work in research roles or in policy teams of public and private sector organizations.
  • Litigators who want to cater to the legal needs of the technology industry.
  • Company secretaries and accountants who want to provide additional high-value services to their clients around technology laws.


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