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9 lessons for international legal career

The international contract drafting boot camp will begin in just a few hours. 

What we will cover today:

  1. Why there is a huge opportunity NOW for those who know contract drafting and why this is a temporary window of unique opportunity?
  1. How much can you EARN by performing contract drafting work for INTERNATIONAL clients? How can you get these clients?
  1. Why will lawyers and businesses in the US or UK want to hire you? What do you have to do to earn their TRUST?
  1. Which SKILLS and what sort of KNOWLEDGE one must acquire to get international contract drafting work?
  1. What to do so that potential CLIENTS choose you over the COMPETITION?
  1. How to eliminate MONEY PROBLEMS forever by learning contract drafting skills, even as a law student?
  1. What kind of JOBS can you get with good contract drafting skills in India?
  1. How can you build an INTERNATIONAL CAREER on the back of a successful REMOTE FREELANCING career?
  1. How you could get a chance to work with RISING STARTUPS in the USA, UK, Middle East or other advanced economies? 

Apart from this, on each day, we have free takeaways: 

🎁 Day-1: Contract drafting checklist for international contracts

🎁 Day-2: Step-by-Step Roadmap to develop expertise in drafting international contracts 

🎁 Day-3: Templates of 10 contracts for international contract drafting work.


Note: we have more than 12,000 registrations and only 3000 participants can attend. JOIN 5 MINUTES EARLY SO YOU DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS.

It is true that a lot of people register and don’t show up, and we want 3k participants in this bootcamp no matter what, so we allowed over 12k to register. But that also means you need to be early or else you will miss your slot.

The recording of this bootcamp will not be available on any other platform, will not be shared later, because we want everyone to attend live.

So set up alarm on your phone for all the 3 days

Date: 17-19 April

Time: 6-9pm IST 

If you are in a different country, please calculate what will be your local time.

Can I get a certificate for attending this bootcamp? Absolutely yes.

Follow these guidelines to get a certificate:

(i)You must attend the bootcamp everyday for more 90% of its duration.

(ii) Share 5-7 insights you received on LinkedIn or Twitter.

(iii) Tag LawSikho for each day. Use @ not #. Do this everyday.

See you at the bootcamp!

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