Wanna go ‘Back to the basics’ of M&A?

There are some characters that never go out of trend.

‘Suits’ started way back in 2011, but Harvey Specter is still refusing to go out of the minds of people who have anything to do with corporate law.

There are some areas of legal practice that never go out of trend either.

These areas are such that irrespective of the economic conditions, they continue to remain relevant, simply changing the form and the focus, but never going out of date.

M&A practice is one such area.

Just think of this – in a booming economy, businesses will want to combine and grow bigger to scale. Larger companies will want to acquire smaller ones and spread their tentacles.

In a recessionary economy on the other hand, there will be distress sales and businesses looking to ‘get acquired’.

Either way, M&A transactions will prevail.

This is why at LawSikho, we did an M&A bootcamp sometime back, and boy, was the response overwhelming!

This time, we are collaborating with the Maharashtra National Law University to conduct a ‘Back to the basics’ workshop on M&A beginning tomorrow, Friday, 23 April 2021 for 3 days (3 hours each day).

Here’s the link to register for this workshop:

There is a registration fee of Rs.2000 for this workshop. Successful participation will entitle you to a joint certificate from LawSikho and MNLU.

Don’t miss this one!

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