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How to not feel like an outsider in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of India. THE Apex Body. The be all and end all for many lawyers… Irrespective of the area of law you practice in, one thing I can most certainly assure is that the moment you enter the premises of the Supreme Court of India, the aura of being there hits you hard. …

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What is algorithmic collusion all about

This week I have decided to delve into Algorithmic Collusion. It’s something which you have probably read about in the passing but has not paid much attention to, mainly because: a. the topic is relatively complex to understand (just like the terminology)  b. The legal regime around it is not very clear.  Instead of throwing …


Top 10 skills you need to become a competition lawyer

Introduction When two or three companies undergo any form of merger, acquisition or amalgamation, they are essentially joining forces in terms of monetary and physical resources. Their collaboration will definitely bring in operational and strategic efficiencies. Therefore, their collaboration needs to be tested upon the market realities of the sector in which they operate. The …