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How to get a law firm job

Does working in a law firm inspire you? 

In a law firm, you could do high-profile work and your name would be quoted in the media for being part of news-making transactions!

A lawyer’s lifestyle which is known to be glamorous and attractive is possible by working for leading law firms across the world. You will have security, prestige, a high salary – all the things that most people crave in life!

If working as an attorney in top law firms is your dream then you should know what it takes to make this happen…

LawSikho is bringing a 3-day FREE online bootcamp to teach you How to get a law firm job From 24-26 July, 6-9 pm Indian Standard Time. 


Who should attend? 

  • Young lawyers aspiring for high-paying and stable law firm jobs with a predictable growth path
  • Law graduates struggling to find career opportunities or choose an area of practice
  • Independent practitioners and junior lawyers who want to move to a law firm job
  • In-house lawyers who want to move to a law firm 
  • Law students who aspire to work in law firms after graduation 

What will you learn?

  1. Is a law firm job the right fit for you?
  2. What are the different types of law firms you can work in?
  3. What are the different practice areas of law firms in India and abroad?
  4. How to identify your area of interest?
  5. What are the growth opportunities and future pathways in a law firm job?
  6. What kind of work is performed by Associates at law firms? 
  7. What can you do to enhance your chances to get a job in a law firm?
  8. What can you do if you decide to leave a law firm?
  9. What opportunities could open up for you if you quit a law firm job? In which ways could a career in a law firm contribute to those opportunities after you quit?
  10. How to draft the perfect CV for a law firm? How to create a Dream CV? 
  11. How to include skills in your CV and substantiate through articles, real-life experiences, video CV, etc. 
  12. I am not from NLU, how can I still get access to the best law firm jobs which NLU students get?
  13. I am a first-generation lawyer and do not have contacts in law firms. Can I get a good law firm job or internships?  
  14. What is the preferred method to apply for law firm jobs so that you get a response from them? 
  15. How to ace a law firm interview 
  16. What are the skills that you will need to acquire?
  17. What is your future if you continue a career in a law firm? What kind of a life would you have?  


In this bootcamp you will learn how to take your law skills and turn them into an eye-catching CV for top law firms. 

The hosts will help answer some of the toughest questions like how do I get noticed? What should my cover letter say and more! 

Register now for this event before it fills up!!!

Bootcamp details: 

How to get a law firm job

Date: 24-26 July 

Time: 6-9pm Indian Standard Time

Speakers of the bootcamp: 

Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO & Co-Founder, LawSikho 



Abhyuday Agarwal, COO and Co-Founder, LawSikho




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See you at the bootcamp!

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