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Advantages of working in a law firm

In the last semester of my law school, I knew I wanted to enter dispute resolution, however I was unable to decide whether to join an independent counsel or work in a law firm. 

I had heard stories of seniors working late nights and barely having any time while working in the law firms. 

But what also excited me about joining a law firm was the exposure to high profile cases from around the world and international arbitration work that would take me to different continents! The fancy cars parked outside were enough to convince me that I wanted nothing more than an upscale lifestyle with some really tough legal experience mixed in.

The lifestyle of a law firm matched the image of a lawyer that was imprinted on my mind by society through movies, TV series and anecdotes. A successful lawyer is supposed to be rich, smart, successful, dashing and a law firm job promised all that.

If you’re a law student or a recent graduate, the question of whether to work in a law firm is probably on your mind too. 

It can be difficult to know if it’s the right fit for you, because there are so many factors that go into making that decision. 

Let me help you with enlisting the benefits of working in a law firm:

High salary 

Big law firms are known for paying the most. They often also have the resources to offer more comprehensive and substantial compensation packages including health care plans, wellness plans, reimbursements, and stock options.

Job security

Lay-offs are rare in law firms. Unless there is an absolute crisis in the economy or you have violated the code of ethics then you would be asked to leave the firm. Otherwise the job security at law firms especially for Associate and above is stable

Diverse client base

One of the best parts about working for a law firm is that you have an opportunity to meet and interact with people from all walks of life. Law firms are often segregated into various teams and give you the opportunity to interact with different kinds of clients. You never know who might walk into your office, or what kind of case they’ll need help on! 

Access to training programs

A significant drawback of legal education is that the lawyers who graduate solely by studying in law schools cannot independently undertake legal practice. To bridge this gap, law firms introduce training programs to inculcate soft and hard skills to the new joinees in order to deliver services offered by the firm. 

Well-credentialed colleagues 

While working in top law firms, you get to interact with the best of the lawyers in the country. Not only do you interact with colleagues in your own firm but you often meet other lawyers during client meetings and dispute resolution 

Faster career progression

Best part of working in law firms is if you work dedicatedly, put in hard work and deliver results you are quickly noticed. You can take up more work and move up the ladder. 

On-field experience 

Firms often take on many cases at once to provide a range of legal services for clients. Unlike freelance or solo practices, law firms often provide a more steady amount of work to employees.

You may want to consider working at a law firm if you’re passionate about the noble profession of law and are looking for a stable, well-paying job which also provides you the opportunity to resolve legal problems for clients. 

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