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I am getting out of the cage!

Have you ever felt the power of being ignorant and nonchalant about something?

Sometimes it feels like it’s too much effort to face certain facts so you just let it slide. 

That “chod na, bohat effort hai” (It’s too much effort, I would rather not do it) attitude.

Take our daily life for instance.

Sometimes don’t some of us just throw a plastic cup on the side of the road because it’s too much effort to find a dustbin to dispose of it? That plastic will probably go to the ocean and harm poor but beautiful creatures for the next million years, but…

Who will make that effort?

We know our hyper-consumerist society is doing irreparable damage to the planet, and that there will be devastating effects of climate change. 

We know about it and share articles on social media about it, but in our own lives don’t we contribute more to the damage, very knowingly, as we want to get more comfort and riches in our own life?

Who will go without air conditioning this summer to reduce global warming?

There is a harsh truth to digest but we just don’t want to face the music right now!

Along with blissful ignorance comes a deep-rooted realization and that is what I want to share today.

As a student, I always wanted to get the highest educational accolades possible. That means I would do a Ph.D. one day. 

My uncle is a scientist and he did his Ph.D. while I was in school. That inspired me when I was barely 14.

What happened when I grew up? When I was done with 5 years of studying for my LLB, I got a decent job and settled for it. No more studying, please! No more exams, projects, viva!

Have you felt that too?

The thing I ignored was my dream of intellectual development and higher studies.

I mentally refused to consider LLM as an option because you know, too much effort. 

I had a job, so my LLM prospects were blissfully ignored and shut in a corner of my mind.

When my peers asked me if I would pursue LLM, I always said “Why should I do LLM, I have a job, I don’t think I need it”.

However, every blissful ignorance incurs a debt on the truth, the more you ignore it, eventually, facts have a way of appearing before you, unannounced. 

Sure I am comfortable. But is this all that I can be?

Is my life going to be just about this job?

What else could I do if I pursued my passion for higher education?

Who could I become? Where would I go? What could the future have in store for me if I pursued specialized knowledge in an area of law that fascinates me?

Could I get a better job? Could I have a more fulfilling experience in my life? Will I make friends and find peers who are out my reach today?

Will I discover new talents in the same old me? Will I discover aspects of my character and predilections that never surfaced so far?

I feel like I am running away from my destiny to stay comfortable.

Probably nothing will happen automatically if I just sign up for an LLM.

It would need work, it would need thinking and planning, it would need a leap of courage from me. It will certainly need me to get out of my current comfort zone. I would have to prepare myself for the right opportunities.

What do you think? Should I explore the idea of doing an LLM? What would you do in my position?

Whatever it is, one thing I realise is that I have sweeped these questions under the carpet for far too long.

It is time for me to think actively about my higher education. What is next? What makes sense to me? What will be the ideal LLM experience for me?

Comfort zone is like a cage. I am getting out of it.

It is time to dive deep and find some answers. It is time to put in that effort into a matter that can potentially change my life.

Have you felt the same way yourself? Have you asked these questions to yourself and resolved them? Please share your experiences in replies, it may help me a great deal.

I am personally looking forward to the 3-day Bootcamp on “Should I do an LLM abroad? How can it help my career?” that will be led by Abhyuday and Ramanuj starting on 28th Aug. I am surely going to be there, on the edge of my chair. Would you like to join too?

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