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Procrastinator-Ultra Pro Max & LLM plans

Are you someone who has always known what they want in their life but still not able to achieve their goal because of the inner procrastinator?

If you consider yourself a procrastinator, then Hi! I am Parul and I am Procrastinator-Ultra Pro Max.

I have postponed several vital things/events in my life, and I am not very proud of it.

Ever since I was a child, my ideas about what career I wanted to pursue changed several times. However, one thing was certain, I wanted to settle abroad irrespective of the profession I choose.

Now, I am a 28-year-old lawyer working and settled in my home country. I still want to live abroad, but I have not really taken any steps towards that.

What happened to my dream then? 

Oh, I procrastinated my way through it. I tell myself every day: I will get there soon, and I am in the process.

To be honest, there’s no process. I have not even started. I just love to think about it.

As I mentioned, this is not the only thing I have been delaying. 

My procrastination is sabotaging my dream and my career.

So when I started my BBA LLB, the process towards my dream was pretty straightforward. I knew I would complete my graduation, then apply for the master’s abroad, and eventually settle there.

But, did I do it? Of Course, not! 

If you have guessed the reason as “Procrastination”, then you’re right.

I have always had a keen interest in subjects like Banking and Finance Laws, Tax Law, Competition Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, even though these were not in my college curriculum.

I decided to specialise in one of these subjects from a foreign university because of the obvious growth trajectory and the global exposure. Also, not many Indian universities provide any master’s program in these subjects.

Last semester was about to end. I sat in the college placement, and I managed to secure a campus placement in one of the excellent law firms.

I was basking in my achievement that I secured one of the best college placements. I decided to work for a year and then continue towards my dream of settling abroad.

Even after 3 years since I graduated, I was still working in the same job in India. My career was stagnant. I realised I should do something to get out of this very basic and compromising life situation. 

I decided to kill my inner procrastinator. My dreams can’t wait any longer.

But there are a few questions that still bothers me:

One: I am already 28, is it too late to pursue an LLM?

Two: How can I manage the expense and fund my LLM? 

Three: Can I work while studying an LLM program so that I can manage my finances better? 

Four: The pandemic is still here. Is it even possible to get started with my dream now? 

Five: Even if I manage to get some scholarship or educational loan for the tuition fee for LLM, how will I pay for my personal expenses? I do have some savings, but will it be enough?

Six: Which is the country where I should aim to go? The USA seems awesome, but very expensive. What about countries in Europe, or Asian countries like Japan, Singapore or South Korea?

Seven: Should I just jump into any LLM I can get or should I take some time to prepare myself for this opportunity, so I can get good scholarships and a top University? How can I prepare myself to ensure that I actually get a job and not return empty-handed after spending 1 year doing LLM in that country?

I can crush procrastination when I have a clear, easy-to-follow action plan. I am sure you have seen that too. On the other hand, when I have too many choices and decisions to make, with no external intervention I find it hard to take action.

So when I heard Ramanuj and Abhyuday are planning to do this 3-day Bootcamp on doing an LLM abroad, I asked them if they were going to answer these questions for me and whether they will make it simple for me to take action by simplifying my choices. 

And they said yes.

They have promised me that they will not only help me to figure out the answers to these questions, but will also help me to come up with a foolproof, step-by-step 6-month plan that ensures I will land not only an LLM abroad with a fully funded or partial scholarship but plan my bar exam to qualify to practice in that country and get a job before I finish my LLM!

They would also show me how I can earn on the side doing online remote freelance work so I can fund my LLM easily. 

I am really bad with finance, and they have promised to make the financial calculations easy and simple for me.

Do you think this can be useful for you too? Would you like to be there? 

I would strongly recommend that you block your time and set an alarm on your phone right now. It’s 6 pm – 9 pm Indian Standard Time (please check your time zone if you are not in India) from 28 – 30th Aug.

Here is a fair disclosure. LawSikho has launched an online LLM program with European Universities with an opportunity for 1-month campus immersion in Germany and Poland. We also have tied up with US and UK universities to offer assured scholarships to those of you planning to take admission in campus LLM in the US or UK in the next 1 year.

And yes, apart from helping you with amazing insights, roadmaps, strategies, privileged information, scholarship opportunities, we will definitely talk about LawSikho’s new initiatives in this domain. You may find some of these opportunities we share irresistible. Don’t be shocked 🙂

I am really looking forward to this Bootcamp. I hope to see you there as well.

Don’t forget to set that alarm.

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