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I want you to imagine this kind of life

You wake up in the morning. There is a cold breeze outside, and a hot cup of tea ready in the big balcony of your bedroom, which overlooks a scenic park. The winter is just beginning in Delhi. 

You have a long day at work but first you scroll through your phone and find that your name was mentioned twice in the newspaper, in two different matters in which you appeared in the Supreme Court.  

A gentle smile breaks on your face because you feel fulfilled – your work is challenging, it pays you well, and makes a big impact in the country. 

You take a shower and get ready for another exciting day at court. 

Your junior waits for you at the court, ready with certain notes on the matters listed today. You are well-prepared. 

You head towards court number 1 – popularly called the Chief Justice’s court. This is going to be an iconic matter. 

You have researched well and you are confident. 

While you are waiting for the matter, your secretary from office tells you about several pending calls from journalists, who want your quote on a matter that was reported yesterday. 

In the lunch break, you meet your classmate from law school in the court canteen – he is here on a matter with his senior. 

You chat for five minutes, and he mentions reading your name in the newspaper. He has a look of admiration. 

You realise that you have achieved a lot. 

After court, you meet your junior and an intern, to give them feedback on a petition. 

The intern had posted on social media her learnings from the internship, which gathered a lot of public support. You feel blessed at the privilege of imparting education to young minds. 

Do you want to live this life? 

What would your parents, friends and colleagues feel if you achieve this? 

How would you feel about yourself? 

Well, to practice at the Supreme Court, you will need to crack the Advocate-on-Record exam. 

It is not an easy exam to crack, but it is possible to crack it and become an Advocate-on-Record, even if you are not based in Delhi. 

If you find this vision exciting, we are inviting you to a free online 3-day bootcamp from 10th-12th April, 6 – 9 pm where we will discuss how to crack the Advocate-on-Record exam and build a thriving practice in the Supreme Court. 

You don’t need to relocate to Delhi – lawyers practicing any city, town or district other than Delhi, it is possible for you to become a Supreme Court lawyer.

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