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Myths around corporate law as a career

As a lawyer or a law student why is family law and criminal law more desirable and interesting? 

You will find many choosing criminology, constitution or family law as a preferred choice of subject over others. 

This is because it is easier to understand the motives of the parties involved in these subjects than in other complex subjects such as corporate law or taxation law. 

Subjects like corporate law are abstract and not relatable. Case laws are complex and difficult to understand.

For example, it is easier to understand if someone is going through a divorce, or being arrested for something but difficult to understand why a company is ineligible to issue Initial Public Offering (IPO). 

No one talks about cross-border M&A transactions for big companies like they would talk about someone’s land being illegally acquired by the government. 

Basically if you cannot relate to a subject, you will not be interested in it. 

You will not be able to pursue it deeply. You will struggle to excel.  

But corporate law is also a career where you have huge scope to excel. 

Fields like family and criminal law are currently flooded with lawyers . With physical courts paused due to pandemic, parties are avoiding litigation as far as possible. 

The parties who are compelled to knock on the doors of law are able to afford expert lawyers from any part of India because the courts have gone virtual. This has made it difficult for local litigation lawyers to find new cases.

Corporate law on the other hand is booming. Despite the pandemic, the stock market is at an all time high and the economy is experiencing a steady increase.   

Big companies like Amazon and Reliance are merging and acquiring other companies and there is a huge queue of companies listed to issue IPOs this year.

Cross-border transactions have increased after the pandemic since the advance technology has made it easier to enter in new businesses without physically meeting each other. 

With digital payments making it easier to do businesses in different countries there are more international business deals happening than ever. 

All this has opened doors to several jobs in the business world. 

Despite this massive demand, we see lawyers hesitating to pursue a career in the the corporate law due to myths surrounding this field:  

  • I am not from NLU, will big firms hire me as a fresher?
  • I don’t understand company law and found it boring. How will I make a career in this field? 
  • I have been practicing in a different field for so long, is it a good time to switch to a new career? 
  • I didn’t study commerce in class XII, I don’t know how businesses function? 
  • I do not understand accounts
  • I am not good in maths 
  • I have not done any corporate internship so far
  • Only the brightest pursue corporate law and I was not a batch topper

If you are a law student, young lawyer or lawyer practicing in any other field hesitating to undertake corporate law work due to the reasons mentioned above then we are bringing a 3-day bootcamp to help you make a career in the most promising area of law. 

LawSikho is organising a 3-day FREE online bootcamp on How to kickstart your career as a corporate lawyer from 12-14 June 2021, 6-9pm Indian Standard Time. 


Who should attend

  • Lawyers who want to work in top law firms or in the corporate practice of boutique law firms
  • Lawyers who aspire to become in-house counsels or shift from their existing work to in-house counsels 
  • Litigators whose practice is severely hurt by the pandemic and who want to perform corporate work, and also obtain corporate litigation matters to increase their income
  • Lawyers who want to build an independent/ freelancing practice or start their own law firm
  • Law students who want to secure the best jobs after graduation and create financial safety for themselves 

What will you learn

  • What are the benefits of learning business laws today for lawyers and law students?
  • Why do 90% of lawyers fail to get jobs in big corporate law firms? 
  • What skills must a lawyer possess which will help them get jobs in big companies in in-house counsel roles? 
  • How much can I earn as a corporate lawyer? Is it possible to work on a part-time basis?  
  • How can litigators secure commercial litigation work?
  • What skills do lawyers need to start their own independent legal practice? 
  • How can you get your first five corporate clients? 
  • I am a criminal lawyer- how should I switch to corporate law practice? Should I also work on corporate matters and how should I do it? 
  • I don’t live in a big city like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore- is it possible to build a successful corporate law practice? 
  • What skills should I learn to build a career as a corporate lawyer?
  • How to perform freelance remote work for international clients and live anywhere in the world and earn more than tier-1 law firm lawyers? 
  • Do I need to be good in commerce, finance, accounts to understand corporate law? 
  • How can a non-NLU student secure a job at a tier-1 law firm? 
  • How to plan your law school journey so that you secure a PPO before you graduate?
  • How to build a track record during law school to secure an in-house counsel job before you graduate?


If you know someone else struggling to make a career in corporate law, or a friend/colleague/classmate interested in this field, invite them to this Bootcamp by sharing this link: 

Visit our website to learn more about us and the courses we offer. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the Bootcamp.

Students of Lawsikho courses regularly produce writing assignments and work on practical exercises as a part of their coursework and develop themselves in real-life practical skills.

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