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Why should lawyers specialise in a niche area

Law students and lawyers are stuck between the industry, academia and expectations. 

Law school teaches you theory but no practical skill for you to start working from day 1 after you graduate. 

They expect you will learn the skills after you start working. 

When you apply for jobs, no one wants to hire you because you don’t have the desired skills or experience to get the job done. 

Lawyers, who themselves work for 14-15 hours a day don’t have time to train fresh graduates, of course there are exceptions to this, but this is the norm. 

Even if you do get a job, you are paid really less.

Lawyers are supposed to be rich, smart, successful, dashing.

However many lawyers are not making enough money to have a dignified life. 

Many find it hard to differentiate themselves with scores of other lawyers in a competitive market. 

How can they get to the next level of their practice? How are they going to learn new skills and expand into new emerging practice areas?

Currently there is an unprecedented crisis caused by the pandemic which has thrown the career and future of young lawyers into jeopardy

Young lawyers are struggling to get jobs.

Law firms are cautious about hiring freshers – job descriptions these days require candidates with “2-5 years of relevant experience.”

World has gone remote but many lawyers and law firms have not yet come to terms with it. They are hesitant to hire new lawyers who would not come to office. 

Also because there is not enough work, they are not looking to hire more staff and are cutting down the salary of the existing ones.

With vaccines rolling out, we had hope that the economy would pick up and more jobs would come out, but that did not go as expected. 

If you are waiting for the pandemic to get over, it is a terrible idea.

There are other opportunities you are losing out on.   

Inside this crisis, there is a hidden opportunity 

Pandemic has pushed the world to go digital. From weddings to town hall meetings, everything has gone online. 

More and more personal data is captured every minute. This data is a target for many delinquent parties on the internet who fend for themselves by accessing such data. 

Your health data may be useful for a pharmaceutical company to target you with specific ads of their products. Your personal data may be used to impersonate you to extract confidential information from someone. There are several unthinkable possibilities of misuse of data.

Laws and regulations are becoming stricter to protect this data. Big tech companies like Google and Facebook are dragged to the court over simple personal information like name and phone number. 

This data has opened several opportunities for lawyers which didn’t exist a few years before. 

A new surge of “data privacy lawyers” is taking the world by the storm. Because they are so few in numbers, they are charging high fees for consultation. Sky’s the limit for the salary packages they demand from the new-age companies. 

If you are a privacy lawyer you can work for big-tech start-ups and companies in the world. 

You can work in every single industry in the world since almost all industries, from manufacturing to retail, have gone digital. 

You can also work as a freelance legal consultant for companies and law firms across the world. 

You don’t need a technology background to make a career in this field. 

Do you want to know how to get started?

What are the different career opportunities in the field of data protection and privacy management? 

How can you have international opportunities in the field? 

Join us for the 3-day FREE online bootcamp on International career opportunities for lawyers in Data Protection, Privacy Management and Technology Law from 29-31 May, 6-9pm


If you have already registered, read on to know what you will learn at the bootcamp. 

But before that have you saved the event in the calendar yet?

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What skills will you learn at this bootcamp

  • How to take decisions on international data transfer to and from US, UK, Canada, EU, Singapore, Japan or other countries? 
  • How to draft a data processing contract/ addendum? 
  • How to draft a GDPR-compliant privacy policy for a website or mobile app and use it to get more assignments?
  • How to conduct a GDPR impact assessment for a startup outside the European Union? 
  • How to draft a GDPR impact assessment report?
  • How to create a GDPR project implementation plan? 
  • How to draft your agreement for engagement as a data protection officer?


If you attend this bootcamp on all the 3 days then you will receive templates of well-drafted templates in the PDF format of the following documents: 

Day 1 – Data Processing Agreement/ Addendum

Day 2 – GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

Day 3 10 templates

  1. Personal Data Analysis Form
  2. Personal Data Flow Map
  3. Personal Data Asset Inventory List
  4. List of 3rd Party Processing Providers
  5. GDPR Impact Assessment Report Template
  6. GDPR Project Implementation Plan Template
  7. Cookie Policy
  8. DPO Agreement Template
  9. Checklist of Responsibilities of a DPO
  10. Compliance Checklist under California Consumer Privacy Act

These templates will help you kickstart your career in the field of data privacy as a lawyer. 

Moreover it is FREE and you can attend it from any part of the world. 


Recordings of this bootcamp will not be available later so you have to attend it LIVE to make the most out of these sessions.

If you attend all 3 days you will also get a certificate of this bootcamp (conditions applied). 

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the info was really very good and the topic is also very important as this must be known by every one that law is a wast field and one must be a specialist in one field to increase the value and knowledge with detailing in the particular field so one must choose a niche to be a specialist.

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