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Why should you attend our free online bootcamp for judiciary exam prep?

After all, we are asking you to reserve 3×4 = 12 precious hours from your life.

In the age of Netflix and social media, when people have an attention span that is less than that of a Goldfish (nothing to be proud of btw), how can we ask for so many hours from your life?

After all, in this much time, you could watch an entire season of that shiny new series on Netflix (I don’t know the name since I stopped renewing my subscription a couple of months back) or doom scroll through your choice of social media 5000 times.

Here is why this boot camp will be a better alternative (in bullet points to save your precious time that you can spend watching Reels instead):

  1. The star of judiciary aspirants has been rising fast.
  2. The government has decided to increase the number of judges per million of Indians from 16 to 20. This has created an unprecedented number of vacancies. By 2023, 10,000 vacancies have to be filled up.
  3. The number of vacancies will continue to grow, since in order to climb the ease of doing business index rankings issues by the World Bank, which is an economic priority of the government, we have to have at least 50 judges per million of the Indian population. This is also a recommended strength as per the Law Commission of India.
  4. Therefore, we can expect an unprecedented explosion in the number of judiciary vacancies in the years to come.
  5. The track record shows that major states have been really struggling to fill up the vacancies, despite so many people appearing in the exams, because candidates do not meet the minimum benchmark set for selection. 
  6. Many judges have also been quitting the judiciary to go into private practice and even join top law firms.
  7. The government realized that it is important to improve the monetary compensation to the judiciary in order to fill up the seats with high-quality candidates and then retain them.
  8. Finally, a National Judicial Services Commission was set up.
  9. In February 2020, the Second National Judicial Service Commission issued a revised pay for all the judicial officers.
  10. The new pay structure increases pay for judicial officers by almost 3 times!
  11. Apart from salary, there are plenty of perks. Here is a link to that information.

Anyway, those of you who want to be a judge probably do not need much inspiration, and a lot of you probably already made up your mind, although this comes as a piece of happy news for you.

In that case, here is how I propose to add value to you and make some invaluable contribution to your preparation in just 4 sessions of 3 hours each in our 4-day bootcamp.

What are we promising you from this workshop?

  • You will understand exactly what you have to do to crack the judiciary exam – whether you choose to do it or not after you realize what it takes.
  • You will understand why and how judiciary exams are changing, and whether the window of opportunity is growing bigger or smaller. 
  • Understanding the important trends is critical for making the right decisions at every step. Yet, most people have no clue about what is changing.
  • How can you decide if you really want to prepare for the judiciary or choose a different career option like corporate law or litigation?
  • Will your judiciary preparation help you in certain other competitive exams? Will this later help you to do well in litigation if you do not make it?
  • Do you need to think of backup options given the very low success rate in judiciary exams (below 0.5%)? 
  • At what point in law college should you start preparing for judiciary exams, ideally? What if you are starting only after you graduate?
  • You will be able to make an informed decision whether you want to embark on this journey which will take thousands of hours of preparation
  • You will create for yourself a step-by-step customized roadmap during the workshop
  • You will know what the 0.5% of people who crack the exam do differently than the 99.5% of people who fail.
  • Understanding the syllabus of different judiciary exams and how to figure out which tests you are going to take.
  • Identifying your areas of strength and weakness.
  • Apart from legal knowledge, how will you prepare for language skills and general knowledge?
  • What do you have to do to prepare for interviews and what is the right time to prepare for the interview rounds?
  • Identifying the elements that may derail your preparation – a pre-mortem exercise.
  • Understanding why most people fail to crack this exam so that you can fail-proof your preparation.
  • You will learn 4 critical skills that you can use in your judiciary prep – which not even any paid coaching class will teach you. These skills are: how to read case law efficiently for judicial services exams, hacks for reading bare acts to improve your retention and predict questions that you will have to answer, amazing tricks for answer writing (subjective questions), speed reading for judiciary aspirants which can help you to prepare 3 times faster than your current speed. 
  • We will also teach you a memory technique that will help you to memorize the most difficult answers for frequently asked questions.
  • Your doubts will get cleared and you will be able to start your judiciary test prep journey with clarity and strong resolve.   

Who will be there to help you with these questions?

We will have some amazing people to help you during the workshop. Apart from me and Abhyuday, we will be accompanied by Harsh Jain, another co-founder at LawSikho, who has cracked the judiciary exam himself and has a track record of helping over 50 law graduates become judges. And also, Shweta Devgan, who has cracked the uber difficult UPSC prelims and mains, and again, has a solid successful track record in judiciary coaching! 

We are planning to make history here.

So do you plan to be there?

We have over 5000 registrations as of this morning, and we estimate that we will easily cross 7000 registrations by 10th March 6 pm when we will start this bootcamp.

We currently have just 1000 seats in our Zoom. We are considering if we should increase the number of seats. Usually, out of 3 people who register just 1 sign up.

See you at the amazing bootcamp!

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