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You can’t achieve success unless you can imagine what success looks like

In today’s session in the bootcamp, we will first help you to imagine what your journey looks like through the entire time of preparation.

You cannot make sense of a long journey without milestones. You do not even know if you are going in the right direction.

You need to get your milestones clear. We will help you to figure this out first thing today.

What are the different milestones you have to hit along the way? Where should you be 3 months before the exam? Where should you be 6 months before the exam? Where are you 1 year before the exam?

When you have clarity on the milestones, we will then help you to create a roadmap.

Then we will jump into past years’ papers – how do you analyze them? How do you determine where you stand and where you have to go?

This is the point where we will make you aware of the common mistakes made by judiciary aspirants. These are the reasons why most people fail to crack judiciary exams. You are likely to make them as well.

In fact, we will conduct a pre-mortem exercise for your judiciary preparation (it is better than post mortem).

We will show you what obstacles you are likely to struggle with along your journey, and how we help our students to overcome them, so you can overcome them too.

Knowing about the challenges ahead and being mentally prepared is critical after all.

We are also going to talk about whether judiciary coaching is necessary and to what extent you can do self-study and where you need external help.

So who is planning to be there? Reply and let me know.

Also if any of your friends want to join in, please share this registration link with them:

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