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“Don’t be a minimum guy!”

Yes, we all find that jargon-spewing, life-lesson giving intrusive corporate character from the second season of The Family Man laughable and irritating.

Because he is shallow.

Because there are loads like him.

In this second season, Manoj Bajpayee, who plays Shrikant Tiwari, an officer who quit the Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC), joins a corporate job in order to spend more time with his family.

However, his manager is a typical corporate boss, who believes that it is his job to drive the employees to do more work, come to the office on time and take care of the most mundane things. 

Shrikant, who is used to dealing with life and death projects like terrorist threats, finds things like font size quite irrelevant. 

Shrikant feels stifled and one day, thrashes his boss and quits his job to join TASC again.

How many of us feel stifled and are compelled to keep on working for characters like these, because we can’t really dump our jobs and move to the force like Shrikant Tiwari?

Do you really have to keep going on in an unfulfilling job, charge rock bottom prices for your services to clients, overwork yourself and yet barely enough to survive? 

I have spoken to many young company secretaries who feel this – they are quite unfulfilled in their employment and have really no clue about how and where to reach out to get the fulfilling job and salary that they had dreamed of.

Most young chartered accountants on the other hand, who have done their training in a firm are on the lookout to join their clients which may be big companies or to move to bigger firms. However, not everyone gets that dream break.

Many are consistently applying for other jobs and nothing is working out.

I have myself been in this position, once upon a time.

It is not the best of feelings.

You feel like you are a victim of the circumstances. 

What can I do if there are no opportunities available? 

What can I do if I am stuck in a small town? 

What can I do if the industry does not value my degree? 

It seems that others have more luck than me. 

These thoughts continue to hurt. 

Have you felt like this? 

Do you want to get out of this trap, once and for all? 

It starts with one shift – your decision to assume control over your life.

Your decision to move away from blaming the circumstances for your life situation. 

When you take this decision, you have an option to take responsibility, and “take matters into your own hands”. 

Maybe like Shrikant Tiwari.

All this is good, but what next? How do I really access more opportunities, increase my earnings, have a brighter future, and a better quality of life?

What kind of work can I actually perform? How can I get work?

Well, now you are ready for something special that I have to offer you. 

I want to show you a new world of opportunity that was never available before. 

I want to show you how you can increase your income by at least USD 2000 per month. 

I want to show you how you can work for foreign clients, in an area where there is very little competition.

I want to give you a step-by-step roadmap so that you can take control over your life, irrespective of your circumstances. 

Are you interested in learning more?  

Join me in a high value 3-day boot camp on International opportunities for CA / CS from 9th to 11th October, 6-9 PM and I will take you through a 9-hour adventure explaining this opportunity and how you can grab it.
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