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How can you get the required exposure

“I do not have enough exposure”.

This is one of the limiting beliefs that young legal professionals, including lawyers, chartered accountants and company secretaries have.

They shy away from assignments that look challenging or jobs that have a diverse profile on account of this belief.

Not only that, the other belief is that the ‘exposure’ can come only over years of experience and that too, if luck is in your favour.

Well, let’s talk about what exactly ‘exposure’ is.

It just means that you have come across diverse situations which you have not encountered before. 

It means that you have taken on and completed work, which you have never done before. 

It means that you met some people of a kind that you have never met before.

This is when you get exposed to multiple different types of problems people face and this is when you start to think of the solutions.

You want to get this kind of exposure.

Now think about what you are doing.

You are turning away from work which you have never done before.

You feel uncomfortable putting yourself in a situation in which you have never been before.

You are hesitant to move outside of your comfortable circles, and go out and meet people of the kind you have never met before.

Can you see how you are acting completely against your objective?

Exposure never happens to you.

You have to go out and create it.

I remember once, as part of working at a firm, I was asked to go to the office of a builder for work.

People in my office were refusing to go there, and at that time, I was unaware of why.

I took up that assignment.

I went to that office, and instantly, I realised why people were unwilling to go there.

On a first impression, it looked like a ‘Bhai’s’ den, and the directors of the company were huge, dark, scary-looking people.

I was quite taken aback, but I couldn’t go back without completing the work. 

Although I barely had to interact with the directors. I simply had to get the documents sorted with the accountant (who was a little less scary looking) and leave.

Nobody put a knife to my throat.

Nobody kidnapped me.

I just completed my work and left. 

Appearances are deceptive.

Situations are not as bad in reality as they seem.

Once in a while, we have to take a risk and venture out and experience things.

That’s when you get exposure.

The easiest way is to meet and talk to five people of the kind you have never spoken to before.

You will come to know a lot of things.

In today’s age, social media facilitates this like never before.

You want to connect with people only for professional purposes – use LinkedIn

You don’t even want to disclose who you are and yet communicate with people – use Reddit.

You want to form communities for specific social purposes – use Facebook

But it’s up to you to go out and create this. No one will come to you and give you exposure on a platter.

Experiment. Struggle. Be reprimanded. Fall down. Get back up. Deliver. Be appreciated.

This is the cycle. You have to put it into action.

That’s all there is to it.

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